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Advocacy Value Campaign: Adding Value to Your Life as a Gamer

Discussion in 'HTL Articles' started by Gmandam, Jul 29, 2013.

  • by Gmandam, Jul 29, 2013 at 8:43 PM
  • Gmandam

    Gmandam HTL Staff

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    The retailing side of the games industry has received a lot of press recently and not all of it has been glowing praise.Various retail practices of some of largest retail store are often cited as reasons why we should abandon the traditional model of game ownership. Though most of the focus is put on Gamestop, it’s quite clear that Gamestop is only one of many major retailers that are being tarred in the press.And as many us know these retailers are often seen practising methods that aren’t consumer friendly.

    Their influence on the industry is extreme. You can see why when you look at the amount of trade they do in the industry and ,to be fair, not all of the major retailer gaming stores are bad. Franchises and flexibility in practices across the world mean that not everyone receives poor treatment from the larger game retailers but the overwhelming majority often follow corporate policy to the letter.

    The major gaming retailers also tend to be the only physical game store for many miles so for some gamers it becomes a question of, where can I go? It’s a actual problem with these retailers often ending up as the only type of gaming store for miles around meaning that even if you don’t particularly like the stores policies, you might have to buy from them.

    However, this is not always the case, sometimes you will find those hidden gems that offer gamers good retail value, something we intend to highlight with this campaign. Starting from today we are asking for submissions from you, the wonderful members of the site and anyone else who might be interested in contributing, for Game stores/Electronic Stores and other such stores that offer great value for gamers.

    Once we have this information we will then add it to the map, allowing it to be used a resource to ensure that gamers have a greater variety in choice when choosing the store they wish to buy from.

    Value Campaign - Google Maps - Waterfox_2013-07-29_18-30-51.jpg

    A link to the map can be found here.

    Disclaimer: While we do our very best to verify the information provided. We can’t gaurantee anything. As always, use your own judgment in conjunction with the map - and don’t forget to add your own review after visiting a retailer!

    Required Retailer Details: -
    • Name of Store.
    • Location of the Store.
    • Proprietor of Store (Optional).
    • A sentence or two on why this store offers superior value over the other major stores in the area. It must be at least 25 words and can be no longer than 150 words.
    • A photograph of the front of the store (Optional).
    • Landmarks to guide you to the store (Optional).

    There are many ways you can contribute to make this idea work. For instance you can share the thread and map, or you could add a review of your favourite retailer, or maybe even chat to the managers about their stores and their policies and see what you find.

    If you’ve got the information, then you should go and share it with the site or via facebook or a form of tweetlonger.That means that we get even more information on the attitudes of the stores and makes the map even more accurate and helpful and that means the Map becomes an even better tool for trying to be a good consumer.

    The end result of the campaign is that with enough information we can help to ensure that gamers everywhere get the quality treatment that they deserve as well as ensuring that each gamer gets a decent trade in value for their games and their consoles once they have finished with them.

    With enough information, we can help each other be more aware of our local retailing options and ensure that our fellow gamer gets the value and service we deserve.

    Then, once we get good value for our products, maybe we’ll see better practices in the industry.
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Discussion in 'HTL Articles' started by Gmandam, Jul 29, 2013.

  1. The_Crazy_Hand
    Tweeted both in English and Spanish, if anyone can share this in any other languages, that may help.
  2. NightfallRob
    Sadly, I gave up on the local retailers in my area and started ordering from Amazon. They offer better prices and customer service than what I have available in Prescott, AZ. Also, they've earned a lot of brownie points with me regarding their "no questions asked" return policy on ME 3. The local Game Stop is primarily console games with a tiny offering of outdated PC stuff, Best Buy is a generic big box with nothing special happening, and Walmart is, well, Walmart lol.
  3. Vernon Tuitt III
    Besides the Steam sale, I have purchased many games recently. I don't visit many local stores... mainly because there aren't any near me thanks to the abundance of stores like, Gamestop, Walmart, Target, etc. I know of one store, and when I get the address, I'll put it on the map.
  4. The_Crazy_Hand
    Be sure to use the blue color for stores you've actually been to of course.

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