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Retake Weekly Initiatives

Discussion in 'Archives' started by kihten, Apr 11, 2012.

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  1. kihten

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    A summary of what's happening this week in #RetakeMassEffect and how you can contribute!

    UPDATED: 4/24/2012

    REPORT IN: Let's show EA we are NOT the minority:
    Turn it on, Turn it off - Coordinated turning the game on and off in Origin

    N7 Avatar - brand your avatar (updated! new website!)

    Reddit sponsored advertisement:

    Boycott Poll:
    Postcards - send postcards to show rejection of the extended cut DLC
    MST3K, Rifftrax & the Mass Effect Ending
    M&M Campaign - sending custom M&Ms to Bioware

    Kickstarter idea - buy the end we want

    Free Ice-cream - Provide free ice-cream for kids
    Running ads for Retake in gaming magazines
    Letter campaign to EA

    Retake the World - Monthly chip-in drives for the needy

    Plaque campaign - send Retake/Marauder Shields plaques to BW

    Come up with ideas for YT vids to promote the cause

    ME3 Multiplayer Campaign- Recruit new members

    Bachelor Theory on RetakeME3 - Need Feedback

    This will be the first weekly initiative post, and I'm going to try this as purely informational, and thus comments will be turned off. If you have have a thread you think should be added, feel free to PM it to me & I will simply edit the post.
Thread Status:
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