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HTL Podcast Episode 3 Part 1: Mass Effect 3

Discussion in 'HTL Frontline' started by Awesomologist, May 20, 2012.

  • by Awesomologist, May 20, 2012 at 10:34 PM
  • Awesomologist

    Awesomologist Elite Member

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    The first part of Episode 3 is now up!
    HTL Podcast Episode 3 Part 1: Mass Effect 3

    Thanks to Aderyn_brea, darkone778, and SkyShep for joining me in the 3rd HTL Podcast. This podcast went so long I've decided to break it up into at least 2 parts. There may possibly be a 3rd depending on how the rest of the editing goes. In this show we start to cover the 99% of Mass Effect 3 that was enjoyable. We had some audio issues with Aderyn_brea since she was speaking to us from Japan, but kudos to her for getting up early on a Sunday to join us.

    I'll update this thread once the podcast goes live on iTunes!

    Please reply with any criticism, cheers, and jeers.
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Discussion in 'HTL Frontline' started by Awesomologist, May 20, 2012.

  1. Napoleonforte
    Silly question, and it's probably posted some where else, but how does one take part in these podcasts? I'd love to be in one just for the heck of it.:D
  2. SkyShep
    Criticism: Give me a tranquilizer. Lol. :coffee::censored:

    I liked where you cut it off given the fact we weren't planning on making that a stopping point. Lol.
  3. Lunatic LK47
    Info correction about Vega knowing Shepard: Conviction comic book shows Anderson assigning Vega as Shepard's prison guard.
  4. SkyShep
    But you as a player don't know him. There's nothing in Conviction that shows Shepard and Vega developing the rapport they seem to have at the beginning of ME3, either.
  5. Noelemahc
    Yes, and that bugged me to no end. It's especially underlined by when Shep starts asking personal questions of Vega and Vega replies with "don't you know that already?", and Shep deflects with "I was locked up, I couldn't read any dossiers". Right, and she just HAD to wait until the Reaper invasion to ask Vega himself, suuure.
    Seconded, would like to know also =)
  6. Lunatic LK47
    After reading that post, I can agree with you on this to a certain extent on this. I think the crux of that little problem is that it's really difficult to find the balance in terms of conveying how well Vega and Shepard know each other and conveying it to the player without making Shepard sound like a n00b in the context of the story. I just outright assumed the rapport just happened during the time gap between Conviction and ME3. I was just under the impression that they just befriended each other to some extent, but not in the full details possible despite Vega guarding Shepard 24/7.Just coming from having read Conviction, I'd find it very awkward asking Vega, "Who are you again?" if I don't remember the name of the Marine guard watching over me 24/7. That's just me though, and you're completely right on this. Seems the only way this could have been avoided is if the comic never happened at all, unfortunately... :(
  7. SkyShep
    I knew that they knew each other, but I felt like I, as the player (and therefore as Shepard) was out of the loop when they talked to each other as if they'd been friendly for a while. It was one of those times when I felt very disconnected from my Shepard...the first time I ever felt truly disconnected from her the entire trilogy. This would have been easily rectified if there had been some kind of scene where Shepard and Vega talk about how he got onto the Normandy or how they became friends or whatever. I think the better approach would have been to have Vega be this soldier that's been around, but Shepard doesn't really know very well.

    I guess you could assume all that happened...but since you are Shepard, it's odd when Shepard knows a character and you don't. You feel like your subconscious has been doing things without your permission or something. Lol.
  8. Noelemahc
    Well, considering we only ever see Sheppy Shep drinking alcohol and no other form of replenishing all that lost blood EVER, it's likely she just drank parts of her brain away? Which is why she doesn't remember stuff about Vega and has to reassert half the backstory to herself (under the pretense of telling it to Vega) on Menae? =)
  9. Lunatic LK47

    I agree regarding the disconnect here since a good number of us are the "method actors" (i.e. Being yourself as Commander Shepard) for our personal Shepards, and I can understand what you're saying . Makes me wonder how the writing team had to juggle ideas on how to write out Vega considering he was supposed to be the "proxy for the newcomers." On the bright side, at least it isn't like Metal Gear (i.e. Having every gameplay mechanic explained to you just because you end up playing as different characters, despite minor tweaks of the same formula).
  10. Noelemahc
    What about when it's the same character? Like the transition from MGS1 to MGS2 or MGA1 to MGA2? At least it's justified in MGS3 (due to new combat system), MGS4 (due to introduction of tweaks from MGS3 and MGSPO) and MGSPW (due to introduction of new elements from MGS4) since we start juggling protagonists at this point. I still wouldn't've minded a little checkbox saying "ohai there, I'm not new, didn't you see me pick a difficulty level above Normal?" in the options =)

    Then again, MGS has always been about screwing with the player's head, so it's semi-justified -- when half the cast knows they're in a video game (and some abuse it, like Drebin and Solid Snake whenever you're not playing as him), it's OK to do these things =)
  11. Lunatic LK47
    Metal Gear 2 (I mean the MSX title); the changes were very subtle. All it added were a radar and a crawl button, not to mention you had a dictionary-sized manual aiding you back in the day for certain parts of the story like Colonel Campbell saying "Enemy might be monitoring our transmission. Use the manual to find out the new frequencies." As for Metal Gear Solid 1 to 2, you barely had any of the newer mechanics explained to you other than that opening cutscene, while Raiden gets mandatory bombarded with the advice.
  12. KingofBulgaria
    :giggle:oooooo looking forward to part 2!!!!:D
  13. Awesomologist
    A while back when I first proposed the idea of a podcast I had a lot of volunteers come forward as speakers. Right now I'm going through that initial group. Once I'm through that initial group of people I'll likely be making a call for more. In the meantime if you want to shoot me a PM reminder feel free.

    Funny part is there's probably enough content to make this into a 3 part podcast :eek: On this section I was only able to cut out about 10 minutes really. I'll get to editing the rest over the course of the week. I would like to be able to catch up to my friends playing Diablo 3.
  14. ShyGravel
    Doesn't anyone else play a Vanguard just to Charge-HeavyMelee-Nova-Charge the hell out of everything? o_O Yes? No? Maybe? :cautious:


    And the only "insight into my psyche" is my pure badassery, thank you very much. :cool:
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  15. KingofBulgaria
    my shepard plays how i would in a fight......hide in a corner and get the others to do the fighting for me:( im a real coward....
  16. Awesomologist
    I'm like a surgeon with my sniper rifle. When you first come across Guardians I believe on Mars, I unlocked the Mail Slot achievement before the end of the mission I believe.

    One of the many reasons why I hated using Liara and Javik in ME3 since Singularity and Pull interrupted my shots more often than not. Garrus, EDI, and Tali all the way for me in ME3. Go Team Tech!
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  17. Noelemahc
    Team Tech? To each his own, I suppose, I'd rather have a Team Dextro OT3 =)

    Same here =) On an unrelated note, you can also easily get it with the N7 shotgun, because it's a sniper rifle you can strap a bayonet to! There's a lot of gun blending, what with the two grenade launcher ARs and proximity mine pistol, and electric shock pistol, and shotgun pistol, and harpoon sniper rifle, and water jet blast sniper rifle, and stake shotgun... At this point the sniper shotgun feels kinda normal, y'know?
  18. ShyGravel
    o_O What are these "headshots" you speak of? My Shep turns people into smears of unidentifiable gore, thank you. Where's my PURE ANNIHILATION achievement? :sneaky:

    KingofBulgaria: Man, try a Vanguard playthrough, at least once. SO much fun, especially the way they pimp it up in ME3. Alas, it kinda sucks in MP, but SP? Vanguard, all the way!
  19. Awesomologist
    Just looking over the metrics of the video and wonder if anyone has posted a link to it on Facebook?

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