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HTL Podcast Episode 2: Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer

Discussion in 'HTL Frontline' started by Awesomologist, May 13, 2012.

  • by Awesomologist, May 13, 2012 at 10:40 PM
  • Awesomologist

    Awesomologist Elite Member

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    Second HTL Podcast is up!
    HTL Podcast Episode 2: Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer

    Thanks to Benny_Bedlam, Aoshisan, Ragedog4, tankar for joining me in the second HTL Podcast. In this show we cover Mass Effect 3's multiplayer and go over some tips for folks who haven't yet delved into it. Podcast is a little shorter than the last but still running a little long. We lost Benny_Bedlam early on in the podcast due to internet issues but nonetheless it was great to have her around.

    I'll update this thread once the podcast goes live on iTunes!

    Please reply with any criticism, cheers, and jeers.
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Discussion in 'HTL Frontline' started by Awesomologist, May 13, 2012.

  1. Aoshisan
    Don't mind me, I sound like a dork.

    Awesome Podcast!
  2. Edrick1976
    Hey thanks for the second pod cast. I really enjoy it and I hope you/HTL group keep's it up.
  3. Sjofetim
  4. Revy2k
    w00t for Multiplayer love in Ep. 2! I didn't know about the unlocked item info on the BSN - very helpful.
  5. Lunatic LK47
    There's a piece of info I really need to correct regarding the EMS. People on the BSN have data-mined the game before and during release (i.e. Anyone that got the Space Balloon copies), and as it stands, there are INSUFFICIENT war assets, and as it is, Single-player-exclusive people are screwed over from getting the "Shepard breathes" ending. Therefore, MP IS MANDATORY.
    Just like president Kennedy will say: “We can maybe forgive them, but we all have to remembered of this of what happen!”
  7. ShyGravel
    Woo! Another Podcast! *plugs in*
    Also, it just happens to be Mike/Awesomologists birthday today -- since he worked into the wee hours getting this edited and uploaded for our viewing, let's give him a present back and spread the word about the podcasts far and wide! Happy Birthday, bro!

    Slight correction regarding Galactic readiness rating at the end to get the Destroy/'Shep Breathes' ending: You only need 4k to get it -if- you 'save' Anderson (you prevent TIM from offing him completely and Anderson has his talk with Shep before the magic elevator and starchild).
  8. Awesomologist
    Personally I was, and still am, a little confused by all of it. Would be nice if BioWare gave a clear and concise layout of how many points are necessary for whatever outcomes.

    That said this podcast is intended for folks who have shied away from multiplayer for whatever reasons. Regardless of whether or not it is necessary, it's actually quite fun, especially if you find a good group of people to play with.
  9. UprightMan
    at first skeptical about inclusion of MP in what had been up to this point a single-player RPG-shooter but now kinda glad it was included because if not, ME3 would have been collecting dust on my shelf after finishing my first (and as of yet, Only) playthru, for obvious reason.

    but I also do enjoy it for its own merits and yes especially better played with people you come to know....
  10. Vega-Goose
    Fantastic podcast guys
    One thing I want to add for your multiplayer dlc idea. We need Maruder Shields in multiplayer lol
  11. Retu19
    Awsome podcast. I thank you for keeping tanks in check. I don't hate batarians but atleast the whole podcast wasn't about them:D
    Btw Goose it is written Åsgard
  12. Vega-Goose
    thanks for the tip
  13. Lunatic LK47
    Glad I could help with the Clarification. :) (Oh crap, that statement just went somewhere horribly wrong. 0_0)

    Enjoyed the MP more than any other Horde mode (*cough* Gears of War *cough*). At least it's better than having to stomach 50 waves for the span of five hours. I don't have that luxury of time, and get demotivated by Wave 20.
  14. SkyShep
    Yeah...you have to play the MP. I found all the resources on the galaxy map and did all of the side missions in my first ME3 PT and still didn't have enough EMS points (I think I had around 3500 or something) to get the Shepard Lives ending. It seems like it might be a bug, where some can get it, but most people can't. The game has been datamined, and it is shown that the max amount of points you can pump out of the game (in ideal circumstances) is 7700. Cut that in half for a 50% GR rating and that means you don't have the 4000 EMS points needed in order to make Shepard live.

    The thresholds are as follows for Shepard Lives:

    EMS = 4000 if you don't let TIM shoot him
    EMS = 5000 regardless

    This is how GR figures into the EMS equation:

    EMS = (Total Military Strength)(Galactic Readiness Percentage)

    So if your TMS is 7000, and you haven't played the MP, and you're sitting at 50% GR, your EMS is:

    EMS = (7000)(50%)
    EMS = (7000)(0.50)
    EMS = 3500

    If you get the maximum of 7700 in the game, and you don't play MP and have 50% GR, your EMS is:

    EMS = (7700)(0.50)
    EMS = 3850

    This is good enough to get the Synthesis ending (which activates at 3800 EMS), but is just short for Shepard Lives.

    The game itself has a potential amount of points equaling something above 8000, but I don't remember the exact figure. But, that's when you count Kaidan and Ashley being alive at the same time, and other such paradoxes. With any one set of choices you've made, the maximum is still only 7700. A lot of people have been delving into this, and they're all saying the same thing. I know some have claimed they got Shepard Lives without it, but I have no idea how they did it. Like I said, I did everything humanly possible to get my EMS up over 4000 without MP and just couldn't do it. It was like taking off overweight on a hot day.

    Yet another awesome podcast, though! Thoroughly enjoying it thus far.
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  15. Redemption
    My problem with Mass Effect is some of the people I play with I'm constantly getting kicked, for having too high of a level or too low of a level. My other problem is a lot of my buddies rather play COD instead of ME3 so it seems like the MP for Mass Effect is small. :(
    Man, i miss the good old days of COD, but now there are now filled with hot headed assholes that dont care for the beginners and now they advicing many people why on trailers.:(
  17. Aoshisan
    Regardless, you need a good team in any game. There are plenty of threads with people looking for more teammates and friends to play with.
  18. Redemption
    where? I want in on that
  19. Aoshisan
    Sorry for not linking the topic but I'm responding via iPhone. If you're on PC, there is a "looking for pc players" thread as well as "looking for squad mates with mic support" thread. If you're on console, there should be a thread for each of the respective consoles. You will find them in the MP topic area of the forum.

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