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Datamining the Trilogy (AKA Things That Were Cut)

Discussion in 'Role Playing Games' started by Noelemahc, Jun 1, 2012.

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    More on the Hanar questgiver:
    <data>Commander Shepard. This one is pleased to bear greetings from the Illuminated Primacy.

    <data>Yes. This one is an ambassador honored with a message.

    <data>The Primacy? The hanar government?

    <data>Hanar worlds have been attacked by the Reapers. We have heard you are gathering allies to halt their advance.

    <data>You need me to fly out to your home planet in exchange for hanar help?

    <data>That is unnecessary. This one has briefed our allies, the drell, on the gravity of this situation.

    <data>Their soldiers are prepared to come to your assistance in battle.

    <data>I'm not familiar with the drell. What're their fighting strengths?

    <data>They server as peacekeepers on Khaje. The hanar provide training for drell who wish to take up arms.

    <data>What do these drell soldiers specialize in?

    <data>They are raised to be self-sufficient agents. Their efficiency often surprises their opponents.

    <data>In this one's small opinion, the drell we have sent are among their finest fighters. We hope for them to serve you well.

    <data>Not many people, let alone an entire species, just gives up soldiers at a time like this.

    <data>The Illuminated Primacy holds similar thoughts. They are grateful for the opportunity to aid one who strives to unify the galaxy.

    <data>This one thanks you for listening to its requests, Commander.

    <data>Please allow this one to voice the question of whether these warriors serve any use, if your own efforts fail.

    <data>This one begs you to accept these soldiers on behalf of the Illuminated Primacy, Commander.

    <data>I appreciate it. This kind of cooperation's been way too rare.

    <data>May your path be swift.

    More from the Diana Allers obit:
    <data>Shot on Tuchanka, her cameras confiscated on Taetrus, and once bitten by a vorcha on Garvug...

    More superdickery from testing modes:
    <data>Didn't you used to be an underwear model?

    <data>Yes, but then I stole some poor actor's larynx and read a copy of the hero's journey. Now I save galaxies instead.

    <data>That sounds like a pretty sweet gig! But, I bet it's harder work than modeling.

    <data>True, but it's more rewarding, the hours are better, and it's less dangerous overall.

    <data>Saving the galaxy is less dangerous?! You said you had to steal a larynx just to get the job!

    <data>Well... less dangerous for me.

    <data>Alright Shepard, let's see you walk and talk.

    <data>Easy! I can listen circles around you Shepard.

    <data>Genius. Right.... Which camera would the genius like?

    <data>Alright, let's see this "up and down" looking.

    <data>Close up on Jimbo if you will!

    <data>A wide shot of the three of us please!

    <data>Once, during the summer when I was a young man of only seventeen, I met a strange old man wearing brown leather winter gear, not unlike what's worn by the huntsmen in the northwest, who walking ponderously down the Kingsroad with a crooked wooden staff. He stopped me to ask.... wait, Mass Effect is the fantasy one right?

    <data>Hah! Well maybe so, but we'll never know will we. In order for you do demonstrate your dubious ability to listen to me while you walk around, I would have to talk long enough for you to walk around me. I'll just make sure I don't ever... ramble on long enough... sigh....

    The full report on Diana Allers's death. Have fun. This may be slightly misordered. Dupe lines removed. This is similar to Emily Wong's report earlier, but signed with a different name.
    <data>Sad news tonight out of the Horsehead Nebula. The Alliance dreadnought SSV Ararat has been destroyed, killing everyone aboard.

    <data>Among the dead... one of our own, GBC reporter Diana Allers, contributor to "Battlespace."

    <data>I first met Diana in an exchange program between New York University and U. Milgrom on the human colony of Bekenstein.

    <data>Even then, she was driven. Her sunny disposition masked a burning desire to make a difference, and her weapon was the truth.

    <data>Diana initially covered political news on Bekenstein, but following the geth attack on the Citadel, something changed in her.

    <data>She joined us here at the Galactic Broadcasting Corporation as a junior war reporter.

    <data>In the short time since, she was shot at on Tuchanka, arrested on Taetrus, and bitten by a vorcha on Garvug. And she loved it.

    <data>You could not bring Diana down. She told me once, "If they want to stop me, they're going to have to kill me."

    <data>Tonight, we remember her and her brave crewmates aboard the SSV Ararat.

    <data>The dreadnought met its end after drawing fire from a Reaper gunship long enough for three other dreadnoughts to ambush it.

    <data>The tactic worked, but at the cost of the Ararat and 7,610 souls aboard.

    <data>We thank the deceased and their families for their sacrifice, and we here at GBC News say goodbye to a friend and colleague.

    <data>Her will made a substantial donation to the University of Milgrom's Rossberg School of Journalism, which we will be matching.

    <data>Diana Allers may have been killed, but she has not been stopped. For GBC News, I'm Azad Carter. Goodnight.

    <data>We would do well in these days to remember that the same species that produced the Illusive Man also produced Winston Churchill.

    <data>For every darkness, there is a dawn. For every villain, there can be heroes.

    <data>For every Cerberus, there is a Hercules, who dragged him, barking and spitting, out of the Underworld and into the light.

    Talking to... Traynor? Allers? About Quarian war.
    <data>You said earlier that you were a pacifist. But here you are drafted into the Alliance. Do you support the quarian war?

    <data>I don't. War is a monstrous thing, always. Many quarians will die because of this.

    <data>So the quarian casualties bother you. Do you feel the same about geth casualties?

    <data>The geth... it's regrettable. They're thinking beings, but humans and quarians must come first.

    <data>It's like overfishing. Nobody wants to make a species extinct, but you need to feed people.

    <data>A fisherman once told me, "I'd kill the last surviving trout if it meant feeding my child for a day."

    <data>Would you blame him?

    <data>Not at all. But that's the point. A real leader keeps the fisherman from ever having to make that decision.

    <data>That's where the quarians failed. They have to choose now between life and death. That's no real choice.

    Recruiting Allers, also talking to her. Most of these look similar, but different from lines in the final game.
    <data>How's your new assignment working out, Allers?

    <data>This place is insane! You've got fifty crew members with ten thousand good war stories.

    <data>That's not counting the unshackled AI, Matriarch Benezia's daughter... oh, and the communicator that can talk to Earth. Earth!

    <data>I'm guessing you'd like access to Admiral Anderson.

    <data>Uh, yes? If you want eyeballs on the screen, anything from Earth is your lead story.

    <data>I could be online with that admiral twenty-one/seven/nine-eighty-seven, I still couldn't make a dent in all the news people want.

    <data>You lost me when you threw around strange numbers.

    <data>Oh! Sorry. You can totally tell I'm a colonist kid, can't you? I'm from Bekenstein, we've got long years.

    <data>I always thought Earth was the place to be. Right now, though, I'm just thanking my stars that we're next door to the Citadel.

    <data>But hey, I'm not the story. People tune in for news of Earth, not my charmed little life.

    <data>I'll hook you up to Anderson when he's available.

    <data>Whoo. Okay. I think you just doubled my ratings. The plight of Earth... that'll bring in the outrage.

    <data>Hit every sympathy button you can. I want recruiting lines around the block every time your stories air.

    <data>Remind me to tell you about the time I made an elcor cry. I can do this, Commander.

    <data>Whoa, there. The plight of Earth is like my angle. If you want outrage, news of what Reapers are doing to Earth is your lead-in.

    <data>Anderson needs to get across war data. He's not a spigot you turn on for news.

    <data>You won't regret it. I don't need face time, just a data upload. It won't even interrupt your time with him.

    <data>All right. We'll find a balance.

    <data>Allers... I need you to leave the Normandy.

    <data>You're kidding.

    <data>You're Commander Shepard. You're not kidding.

    <data>Uh... is there a reason?

    <data>What do you think?

    <data>Uh... I think I don't want to be eating through a straw for a month. So, uh... signing off.

    <data>Uh... I think I'll start packing.

    <data>Your story is Cerberus. They're humans, complicit in the greatest war crime in history. Aliens will hate them.

    <data>Hmm. Bright and bubbly me, talking about the worst humankind has to offer?

    <data>You're lucky, Shepard. I like a challenge.

    <data>Hope you enjoyed the interview, because the Normandy's going dark.

    <data>Damn! If you think it's too good to be true, it always is.

    <data>You've got enough material. You won't be hurting.

    <data>Yeah. But it doesn't mean I have to lie back and enjoy it, either.

    <data>See you on the air, Commander.

    Kelly spills her life story:
    <data>[Kelly seems distraught] Shepard. It's good to see you.

    <data>No, not really.

    <data>Well, I've been questioning myself. I owe Cerberus a great deal. Was it right for me to leave them?

    <data>It's a long story. Did you know I actually met the Illusive Man face to face once? Few have.

    <data>Before Cerberus, I was a waitress on a luxury liner with a very exclusive clientele.

    <data>I'm not sure if the Illusive Man was there for business or pleasure. I just kept his drinks coming. "Bourbon. Three fingers. Neat."

    <data>He had his pick of any working girl, but he took an interest in me, I suspect precisely because I wasn't for sale.

    <data>We spoke for hours. It was obvious he wanted more than just good conversation. And I can't say I didn't want the same. He can be very seductive.

    <data>I knew if I slept with him, I'd lose all his respect. I didn't want that to happen.

    <data>I never saw him again after that night, at least not in person.

    <data>The management of the liner changed sometime later. Batarians took over. Things got really bad.

    <data>Some of the staff were beaten. Others just disappeared. None of us could leave.

    <data>I don't know exactly why, but one day Cerberus boarded and cleaned the ship out. Killed every batarian.

    <data>But they took care of the entertainers. Made sure we were all safe. Set us up with lodging until we got on our feet.

    <data>I got a message from the Illusive Man. He'd pay for my college, and if I did well, I'd have a job waiting for me.

    <data>So you see, I owe him my life, in more ways than one.

    <data>So long story short, the Illusive Man got me out of a bad situation, gave me an education and a job. He gave me a future.

    She can also do this:
    <data>Oh Shepard, I feel the same. But I need to be here, and you need to be out there.

    <data>Well, I guess the problems of the day can wait a little while.



    <data>I missed you.

    <data>Here, I have something for you. It's a picture of me, back from when we first met.

    <data>Take it, and I can be with you in spirit. And Shepard?

    <data>I know I can't be with you now, but I can't hold you back either.

    <data>I'm okay if you find someone else to be with. If you're happy, I'm happy.

    <data>I mean it. I do.

    <data>Now go save the galaxy, for me.

    And when she asks if you found someone, you can say...

    <data>I've gotten close to a marine on my team. His name is James.

    <data>I have James.

    More Retake Omega. As I understand, this duplicates the lines in the final game.
    <data>People understand the first order of business is shoring up defenses. No one wants another invasion.

    <data>So they're enduring valiantly... not that they have a choice.

    <data>Once again, I am Omega.

    <data>I think I'm going to employ violence.

    <data>I'll give you the details when we're ready to go.

    <data>The Illusive Man's about to find out what I'm made of. It's going to be an incredibly cathartic experience.

    CAT-A-LEAST! This is very similar to the version in the vanilla game, but about 5.4 times less unnecessarily cryptic.
    <data>This is the Citadel. Where I live.

    <data>I am the Catalyst.

    <data>An honest mistake. The Citadel is an extension of me.

    <data>You must be quick. The war still rages out there.


    <data>The Crucible is a tool, much like the Reapers. And tools need a user.

    <data>You are the user of the Crucible, as I am the user of the Reapers.

    <data>I was created eons ago to solve a problem. The Reapers are my solution.

    <data>The Reapers main purpose is to prevent organics from creating an AI so powerful that it would overtake them and destroy them.

    <data>Not exactly. The Reapers harvest fully developed civilizations, leaving the lesser ones intact.

    <data>And the essence of each harvested civilzation is stored, forever, in Reaper form.

    <data>An important distinction.

    <data>An answer to a choice.

    <data>I can of harness and direct the energy of the Crucible.

    <data>But you must choose how to release it.

    <data>And you must decide the form it's energy will take.

    <data>The energy can be released as a destructive force. Organics will prevail at our expense. All synthetic life will be destroyed.

    <data>As will much of the technology your kind rely on.

    <data>Including the relays you will use to dispense the energy.

    <data>You may harness the energy. Use it to circumvent my control of the Reapers.

    <data>Correct... though he could never have taken control, as we already controlled him.

    <data>You will subvert my existence. You will control the Reapers. You will continue to seek an answer to problem.


    <data>There is another choice.

    <data>My ultimate goal, the exact solution to the singularity problem, is to combine the synthetic and the organic.

    <data>Much like yourself. You are already a melding of both.

    <data>If you choose so, your energy, combined with that of the Crucible, can be used to convert, and transform each of our kind.

    <data>We, will become like you, and organic life will become like us. And the problem of Technological Singularity will be solved.

    <data>But you must choose.

    <data>But you must act. It must be your volition that guides my actions.

    <data>Go. If you falter now, the cycle will continue. I will not act as Catalyst if you do not act first.

    And that concludes File One. See ya tomorrow!
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    That was a joke, right? You're just kidding? PLEASE TELL ME YOU WERE JUST KIDDING! :cry:

    Gosh, I know he wasn't too popular all around but I would have liked that option for at least one of my Sheps...*sniff*:(
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  3. Noelemahc

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    Frak that, I fully expected he was an option coming into the game, what with how advertised he was and the promise that one of the new male LIs was bisexual. Who the heck knew they meant Kaidan?
    And no, it's not a joke, that's why I keep the line IDs in - the files are free for download in this thread and you can look it up yourself if you don't trust my word =)
    Y'know, there's a reason why I posted all that Vega/BroShep rule 34 fanart in the Vega thread =D
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    Oh, the bieber horror.
    P.S. Really liked Kelly's story. I don't like her character much, but it was... interesting :)
  5. Turambar

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    Making James bi would have made SO MUCH more sense. Kaiden being bi I didn't like - never got the feeling that he was anything but hetero in ME1 (he was a FemShep LI and if you're a Male Shep and screw it up with Ashley you can hear her talking with one of her sisters about how they think he's hot). I know they didn't explicitly say that he was one way or the other but it certainly felt that he was straight to me. Don't get me wrong - having that option available isn't my problem in the least - I just hate it when they muck with characters and that's what this felt like to me.

    Edit: Also reading those Kelly lines makes me sad :( I don't know why they did it, but changing her voice/character model still stands out as a huge disappointment of ME3 for me. Why didn't they just import her damn character model from ME2? I really liked her in ME2, I had a 'Kelly' save ready to go for ME3 and then she's barely recognisable and she's barely in it. Bah.
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    It's plain OOC, and BiowEAre did that already with Anders in DA2 (because turning him into a stupid emo teenager completely in contradiction with the character he was in DA:O Awakening was apparently not enough). I'm not against gay/bi LI options in videogames, as long as it doesn't contradicts established characters. Which was definitely the case with Kaidan. But I really think that "continuity" and "staying true to the original characters and story" are two claims BiowEAre have dismissed when they made DA2 and ME3.
  7. Noelemahc

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    People keep saying that, but they conveniently forget that Anders is straight-up mentioned as bi in DAOA (did you ever listen to his tales of his working in a whorehouse? He and Isa share some of these in DA2 too), and both Kaidan and Ashley were supposed to be bi options in ME1, too. Similarly, Tali was supposed to be Shepardsexual, and there's a lot of traces of that left floating about. Returning cut content is not a crime.
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  8. VinceMayCry

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    My bad then. Though it doesn't make Anders and Kaidan less OOC in their respective last game, it invalidates what I said earlier about their sexual orientation. It seems I didn't play enough DAOA to have witnessed these scenes, and I didn't know about these bits that were supposed to be in ME1 ;)
  9. Buu

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    Damned you be Bioware, DAMN YOU!!!!!
  10. WildOrchid

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    And there's also the romance dialogue between Tali and Femshep at ME3. But nooooo, bioware decided to cut it.
  11. Awakening

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    Was the lore still trashed in the expanded endings?

    Is any of this data from the leak?
  12. Noelemahc

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    I'm afraid you'll have to paraphrase that, as I don't quite understand what is it you're asking.

    Is the lore still disrespected by the Extended Cut? Yes, it is. The Reapers are still tools of a crazy AI, except now we know that why the AI is crazy and that it Reaper its creators (to make Harbinger).
  13. Turambar

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    Returning cut content isn't the issue for me though. The issue for me is developing a character in one direction and then making a jarring change. I'd feel the same way if they'd made Ash available as a FemShep LI in ME3. Again, go nuts with options (also not an issue), just don't muck with the characterisation!

    I wasn't a huge fan of DA2 Anders either but at least his drastic personality changes could be explained by the Anders/Vengeance merging co-existing thing and also the crazy way mages were being treated in Kirkwall.
  14. Awakening

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  15. Noelemahc

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    Nope, none of those are explained in the EC or in the leak. Part of WHY people hated the leak originally. It's just that things BioWare changed in the game compared to the leak was the stuff they SHOULDN'T'VE CHANGED. They changed everything except for the bad parts =)
  16. Noelemahc

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    File two: BioGame_NonShip. The name sort of implies "um, we're not using this stuff ever ever". Most of it contains snippets from ME2 DLCs, but there are some weird things I haven't seen in ME2's scripts, too...

    Shepard's... model?
    <data>Puzzle: There are three computers in here each of which is processing two different sections of Shepard's body. These all connect to the main machine. Shepard must find a unique combination (where each machine shows two "parts" not shown on the other machines) to rebuild a healthy model of himself.

    After the player has soved the puzzle there is a gated section while the computer gathers and processes all the data. During this time the player must fight a wave of enemies. I see this lasting around 1 minute of spawns.

    VO (VI): "Model is not complete, no transfer can be made"
    "Model complete, rebuilding all data, this may take some time"
    "Model rebuilding at 25%"
    "Model rebuilding at 50%"
    "Model rebuilding at 75%"
    "Model rebuiling completed"
    "Transfering model data to specified omnitool. Thank you and have a nice day"

    Script plans. These have been floating around the Interwebs for a while in a disjointed fashion. I'm putting them IN THE ORDER SUGGESTED BY THE SCRAPPED PLOTS, NOT THE ORDER OF THE FINAL GAME. Just so's you know. A lot of these bits overlap, be aware of that.

    <data>CONVERSATION/CUTSCENE: Voice over conversation of Hacket and Anderson talking about Shepard. The scene shows Earth and several ships flying around it.




    <data>TEXTSCROLL FINISHED: Cut to Shepard in his room gazing out a window over Vancouver, Earth's capital city.

    <data>The leaders of Earth have grounded you and are demanding you answer for his actions while with Cerberus. Alone in your "cell," you gazes wistfully at the idyllic view of Vancouver, Earth's gleaming capital city.

    The hearing begins and your are summoned; escorted from you cell by an elite young soldier, James. On the long walk you are accompanied by your mentor and friend, Admiral Anderson. Just as you are about to enter the hearing, your old friend (lover?) Ashley/Kaidan arrives; but there's little time for reminiscing as you are whisked inside. James and A/K wait outside while you face your accusers. The hearing is a witch hunt; nobody seems interested in the truth. Even with Anderson defending you, it's clear the leaders won't listen to reason.

    Before the trial can conclude, your warnings are proven true as earth is rocked by the advanced guard of the Reaper forces. Chaos ensues as you and Anderson attempt to rendezvous with the Normandy and escape the carnage. Your initial plan is foiled and you're forced to find a new pickup location. Meanwhile, A/K and James find an alternate route and reach the Normandy ahead of you. As Reapers forces bear down on you and Anderson, the two veteran soldiers stand back to back to repel the overwhelming enemy numbers. At the last possible moment, the Normandy arrives; Alliance troops poor out of the Normandy, you leap on board and encourages Anderson to join him. Anderson refuses -- Earth needs him here! He vows to stay and fight while Shepard searches the galaxy for a way to defeat the Reapers once and for all. In the midst of the battle, Anderson grants you access to all Alliance military facilities... including the archives on Mars.

    As the Reaper forces converge, you, A/K, Joker, and James blast away in the Normandy and head for Mars in search of answers.


    <data>CUTSCENE/CONVERSATION: The elevator arrives at the their floor. As the doors open, Shepard and Anderson enter and Jimmy stays behind. As the elevator moves up towards the courtroom floor, A/K comes running out. Shepard catches a glimpse of them running towards the elevator.

    <data>Tension on board the Normandy is high as your team races to Mars. James wants to stay and fight on Earth... and though A/K trusts you, they're confused about the need to go to Mars. But you have a plan.

    The small team takes the shuttle down to Mars while Joker remains in orbit as a lookout. Shepard, A/K, James and the Alliance Multi-Purpose-Bot (AMP) exit on to the dusty surface of the red planet. After taking in the stunning vista, the team realizes something isn't right; the Alliance forces are absent. In their place are Cerberus operatives with an order to shoot on site. You dispatch the first few waves, but discovers that Cerberus has taken over and his Alliance Access only gets him so far.

    The sudden and mysterious appearance of a blue alien on Mars is the key to their problems. Liara has a plan; your plan actually. It was her job to find a way in if you could not free yourself of your captors on Earth. With Liara's appearance, James is sent back to the shuttle while you and your old mates proceed to the facility. More Cerberus operatives appear, but they present little resistance, and you easly finds what your looking for; the prothean archive. Accessing the data proves to be more difficult. The information is being deleted. As you and Liara desperately try to stop the download they are confronted by the all too familiar visage of the Illusive Man. He's aligned himself with the Reapers, but wants the prothean data in case the deal goes badly.

    A deadly Cerberus fembot is responsible for the data theft. She completes the download. you and your team must prevent her escape or risk losing the data. Amidst a blinding wind-storm of red sand they chase the deadly mech through the facility. Just when it appears the fembot might escape on a Cerberus troop ship, James appears; piloting the Normandy's shuttle on a kamikaze mission, destroying both ships and disabling the fembot. A/K reaches the mech first and attempts to recover the data; but the fembot awakens and critically injures A/K. As you and Liara face down a horde of Cerberus troops lead by the fembot, James appears from behind the wreckage. The odds slightly more in their favour, you and your team defeat the Cerberus enemies.

    The Normandy comes to the rescue once again, warning of more Reapers enroute. The AMP drags the fembot onboard while you and Liara carefully retrieve their fallen comrade. With no clear plan and a critically wounded team mate, you are forced to make your way to one of the few places you still have friends... the Citadel.

    <data>Entry Scene:

    Liara, over the radio, instructs Shepard to avoid the landing pad as it's occpied by Cerberus. The shuttle lands near the entrance to the base, where Liara is waiting. Shepard and Liara have a reunion, and they and A/K head towards the mars base. Jimmy is left behind to "guard the shuttle."


    A terminal is hooked up to the Prothean artefact. Shepard logs in with the credentials provided by Anderson, and begins uploading the data to EDI. EDI reports that she's not recieving anything, and that the datastream is being blocked, but EDI can track it. The Illusive Man appears via hologram, and talks with Shepard, where it is revealed he is siding with the Reapers. EDI eventually radios back and reports that the data is being sent to a nearby terminal in a control room. Cut to that direction, where the Fembot can be seen downloading the data. Henchmen declare that they have to catch her, and the chase is on.

    <data>A Cerberus operative appears on the far cablecar platform, and hits the emergency stop, stranding Shepard. The Cerberus operative is behind a deployable barrier, and can't be shot, so Shepard must use a power to neutralize the Cerberus soldier in order to progress:

    - Use overload or disruptor ammo to take down the barrier so the Cerberus operative can be shot.
    - Arc a power over the barrier to kill the operative
    - Use vanguard charge to charge the operative
    - Drop a tech drone on the operative to distract them


    A terminal is hooked up to the Prothean artefact. Shepard logs in with the credentials provided by Anderson, and begins uploading the data to EDI. EDI reports that she's not recieving anything, and that the datastream is being blocked, but EDI can track it. The Illusive Man appears via hologram, and talks with Shepard, where it is revealed he is siding with the Reapers. EDI eventually radios back and reports that the data is being sent to a nearby terminal in a control room. Cut to that direction, where the Fembot can be seen downloading the data. Henchmen declare that they have to catch her, and the chase is on.

    <data>Bossfight / Resistance Tutorial

    Cutscene: Shepard and Friends arrive on the landing pad just as the Fembot, in a HEX suit, is about to get into a Cerberus shuttle - it appears they're too late to stop her. Suddenly, the Normandy shuttle, piloted by Jimmy, streaks by overhead and rams the Cerberus shuttle, destroying both, though Jimmy leaps clear. The Fembot appears damaged in the explosion, and A/K approach it, but it reactivates and shoots them. A battle ensues with the Fembot in the HEX suit. Hints instruct the player about how to use powers to overcome resistances.

    The Normandy hovers near the landing pad, and Shepard, Jimmy and Liara haul A/K and the Fembot onto the Normandy, and take off.

    First Citadel visit:
    <data>You put the injured A/K in the care of Dr. Michel, who now has a clinic on the presidium. If Dr. Chakwas is alive, she comes to the clinic as well.

    You meet with the council. They describe that the turian homeworld of Palaven is under Reaper threat. The turian councillor requests aid to recover their Primarch from a besieged moon over Palaven.

    You return to A/K for to say goodbye. Dr. Michel offers to join the Normandy crew as ship's doctor. If Dr. Chakwas is alive, you can choose her instead of Dr. Michel to join you on the Normandy.

    <data>At the conclusion of the meeting with the Citadel Council in ProCit, we learn that the turian homeworld of Palaven is falling to the Reapers.

    The turians realize that they can't beat the Reaper's alone, that they are going to need allies. The only turian with the authority to negotiate for his people is the Primarch of Palaven, who is in peril, trapped on a moon which is under heavy attack.

    The turians have tried to retrieve him and failed. Commander Shepard is the only one who can get in, get him and get out.


    As we approach the moon, we see Palaven in the distance under heavy Reaper attack. Cities burn across the planet. It is an intense and grave moment.

    The approach to the moon is dangerous. Around us, turian ships are in live fights with Reapers/or Harvesters and we surf perilously through the debris and carnage left by destroyed turian fighters.
    The moon is alive with action -- turian fighters take off and Harvesters land to deliver their payload of husks.

    This moon, which began as a military staging area, has become a front in the war itself.

    <data>When the turian homeworld of Palaven comes under attack from Reapers an emergency summit is held on the Normandy to discuss a military alliance between turians, salarians, and krogan. A brief but hostile diplomatic meeting follows - the turians desperately need krogan assistance against the Reapers. But Wrex/Wreav balks - he says the salarians are secretly hiding krogan females who survived Maelon's experiments and are immune to the genophage. Wrex refuses to help unless these females are released and a cure is synthesized.

    You break the stalemate and gets the salarians to admit they have the females. You are brought to their equivalent of "Area 51" - a secret military facility on Surkesh where five of the immune krogan females are being held. Once you take custody of the females, Cerberus launches a sneak attack and tries to thwart the alliance by killing them. A few females die (scripted) and you must lead the remainder out of the carnage to escape the base. All the while Wrex/Wreav is fending off further Cerberus incursions.

    When you return to the Normandy, you are told that that there is a cure to the genophage on laboratory on Tuchanka. You should take the surviving Krogan females there.

    A Turian Primarch mentions that if you are going to Tuchanka, there is a downed turian warship, and his son was onboard.

    <data>You have been told about a downed turian warship on Tuchanka, disabled by a Reaper in the battle with the Reapers over the planet. Crash-landed on Tuchanka's rough terrain, it is surrounded by Reaper ground enemies and running low on ammunition and supplies. One of the commandos on the ground is the SON OF THE TURIAN PRIMARCH featured in Genophage Mission One.

    Landing behind enemy lines, you surprise attack from behind-- decimating key targets along the way.

    After the rescue is complete, the TURIAN COMMANDER receives an update to his mission from the TURIAN PRIMARCH-"My son is a failure and an embarrassment, kill him." Shepard is now faced with a tense diplomatic situation and a difficult decision.

    You are then asked to support a platoon or turian commandoes set to recover a turian doomsday device.

    <data>You are asked to support a platoon of turian commandoes sent to recover a turian doomsday device clandestinely planted on Tuchankan soil after the Krogan Rebellions. Originally planned to be insurance against the threat of the krogan should they again threaten galactic peace. Cerberus agents have located the device, created an armed camp around it, and are working to activate it against the krogan. You must engage Cerberus forces to provide a safe path for the commandoes. Upon reaching their target, you must choose to sacrifice turian commandoes in a last, desperate charge to quickly overcome tactical objectives and to gain the doomsday device intact for maximum benefit to the war effort, or order the commandoes to 'paint' the doomsday device from a safe distance for mortar bombardment, reducing causalities and gaining an ally, but collecting only raw materials.

    <data>CINEANIM: Seeing the device power up, Shepard yells at the Turian to stop and begins to run towards him. The device suddenly belches forth a powerful beam that fires directly into the ship and then explodes, wiping out the Turian and sending Shepard flying back.

    <data>CINEANIM: The Turian knows that removing the blasting cap is a one-way trip, but makes his way down the hanging bomb regardless. He manages to the percarious position of the blasting cap and pulls the first clamp. He slips and is now hanging on with only one hand onto the blasting cap itself. In a final desperate attempt he grabs onto the last clamp, pulls it open. The blasting cap falls free and it and the Turian fall into the hole below. A final small explosion deep within the crevice marks that the Turian is dead, but with the Eezo fusealage in place and undetenated, the mission is a success.

    <data>CINEANIM: The timer on the device is down to just a few seconds. The timer clicks away and another wave of Cerberus enemies drop and rush at Shepard; the frigate carpet bombing the other commando squad. The Turian manages to turn the energy device in the direction of the ship just as the timer reaches zero and a magnificent explosion erupts from the device and fires in the frigate. Shepard and the commandos retreat as the ship falls to the ground destroying the device and all Cerberus within it.

    <data>CINEANIM: Shepard frantically picks off approaching Cerberus troops as the Primarch's son jumps from the catwalk to the blasting cap, managing to pull down one of the release clamps holding it in place. He slips reaching the second; hanging only by the clamp itself. He pulls it down releasing the blasting cap, and himself, to fall into the hole below. A final, muffled explosion deep within the crevice marks his death but the doomsday device has been rendered inert.

    <data> CINE-ANIMATION - The shuttle arrives at a seemingly empty jungle canyon on Surkesh. But as you get closer, the salarian base becomes apparent -- it's cloaked to the naked eye by optical camouflage.

    <data>Shepard steps out of the elevator on the deepest level - a secure biohazard containment area. Mordin greets him here (if alive). Walk and talk through biohazard area.

    Shepard finds a containment pod holding the surviving female (Eve). A brief conversation with her follows. Alarms now warn that Cerberus forces have reached the perimeter of the base. Distant explosions are heard above. Shepard and Mordin (or his alternate) start the process of releasing Eve -- her pod must pass up through a multi-stage quarantine approval, delivering her containment pod up towards the roof of the building. However, it must be cleared at several checkpoints along the way. Mordin will ride along with the pod and do his part to clear it to the next level, but a 2nd person must also be there to clear it - that will have to be Shepard.

    As Eve's pod starts moving to the level above, Cerberus forces attack. Shepard must make his way to the surface.

    <data>GAMEPLAY - As player approaches first quarantine checkpoint, several Cerberus troops are already firing on Eve's pod. Mordin is frantically working to maintain the integrity of the pod.

    Player must kill the enemies before they can destroy the pod.

    <data>GAMEPLAY - Salarians are firing from the balconies at the invading Cerberus forces. Rocket fire/explosions oblierate the defending forces as Cerberus enemies play their combat entrance, rapelling into the balcony.

    <data>GAMEPLAY EVENT - A Yahg crashes into view from the right hand side, crossing the path of the player and taking out two Cerberus enemies. They smash through the rail dissappear down into the canyon below.

    <data>GAMEPLAY - As part of the gameplay, Kirrahe will assist Shepard from the rear of the fight by taking shots at entrenched enemies.

    <data>GAMEPLAY - Player enters a "workshop" area where the power is clearly down. Cerberus troops are firing at Eve's pod. In a similar fashion to earlier, player must dispatch enemies as quickly as possible before they can destroy the pod.

    <data>CINE-ANIMATION - Wrex/Wreav brings the shuttle in for a landing. If it's Wrex, he'll mow down a last wave of enemies in the cinematic. Then everyone hops in and the shuttle flies away from Surkesh.

    <data>You take the Krogan females and escape to Tuchanka, where Mordin has a laboratory. Facing the possible end of the galaxy, Mordin's conscience can't rest until he has put the genophage to bed. He's ready to synthesize the cure, but the Reapers are alerted to the situation and move against Tuchanka, fearing a resurgent krogan. Amid the first wave of Reaper attacks on the planet, you are forced to divert to a location forbidden to all outsiders: the home of the krogan females. It's a vast shelter/repository dating back to Tuchanka's glory years. The riches and treasures of krogan civilization were safeguarded here during the nuclear war. Overhanging cliffs and natural rock formations protect the aging monuments of a forgotten city. With Reapers coming for them, the player must now travel to Mordin's lab via an ancient krogan tram/train system, safeguarding the surviving female krogan on a perilous journey through Thresher Maw infested ruins. Though decaying with age, the glories of the bygone krogan empire are in evidence all around them - their artistry stands as a visual testament to what the krogan could become again if the genophage was cured. At the same time, Wrex/Wreav leads a squad of his best warriors along the canyon rim to hold off Reapers.

    Finally, you reach Mordin's laboratory with just one surviving female left. The lab is linked to the Tuchanka "Shroud" -- an atmospheric layer of particles designed to shield the planet from the ravages of the sun brought on by the nuclear war. A space elevator travels up to the Shroud's orbital platform where particles are dispersed. Mordin can use it to deploy the cure. Hunkering down inside the lab, Shepard holds off Reapers while Mordin works on the lone female to synthesize a cure in a climatic battle. The struggle ends by successfully luring a massive Thresher Maw to take out the Reaper boss. Once Mordin has the cure, he bids you an emotional goodbye as he brings the cure up the space elevator (ala Spock's death in Wrath of Khan). Mordin dies in orbit releasing the cure across all of Tuchanka. It's a profound moment of hope as krogan everywhere look to the sky, seeing a glittering mist that heralds their salvation. The genophage is no more.

    On the Normandy, you learn from A/K's PARTNER that Cerberus has taken over the Prothean ruins on Eden Prime. They've found the CATALYST, and Shepard must get it before they can use it.

    <data>CINEANIM: Mordin rides up to the top where he disperses the cure. but the tower collapses from all the damage it's taken and mordin dies. Across Tuchanka, krogan look to the sky to see a glittering mist that heralds the end of the genophage.

    Eden Prime:
    <data>You land and fight Cerberus through the streets of Eden Prime while terrified civilians hide, then meets up with PARTNER (who arrived earlier) just in time to see an explosion of energy coming from the Prothean ruins. When he arrives, the Prothean is standing in a crater surrounded by dead Cerberus agents. It kills the last Cerberus soldier and exits in a cool fashion. Shepard and PARTNER assume that the Prothean is a rogue Cerberus supersoldier created using the CATALYST. PARTNER goes after it, while you goe after the CATALYST.

    After fighting Cerberus troops in the area, you find Cerberus video logs that show them opening a Prothean Sphere and finding the Prothean inside. The vid makes it clear that the Prothean isn't a Cerberus soldier. He's the CATALYST. Shepard follows the Prothean's trail of destruction, fighting Cerberus troops. You eventually finds the Prothean injured and exhausted, with PARTNER ready to kill it. PARTNER refuses to listen to your explanation and tries to kill the Prothean, and you have no choice but to kill him. The mission closes with you answering to the Council for "the attack on Eden Prime" and the death of the Spectre to the Council.

    You need to gather more troops. You are told about that the quarians have attacked the geth. Tali and/or Legion contact you for a rendevous at the edge of geth space.

    <data>GAMEPLAY - Elevator ride from colony, down to ruins. Part way down the elevator ride the view opens up to show the ruins, as you descend into the excavation site.

    <data>CINE-DESIGN &amp; GAMEPLAY - Prothean has left a trail of destruction on the bridge ahead. More Cerberus troops run into the combat, including a SNIPER who is introduced for the first time here. Sniper takes up position on the overhead bridge.

    <data>POI - Cerberus enemies are fighting the Prothean, hidden just around the corner. Huge biotic explosion and flash of light and rubble collapses in the tunnel, killing several of the Cerberus operatives.

    Omega (starts before or after Eden Prime, various versions have various versions):
    <data>Aria greets you and explains her situation. She has an uneasy truce with Cerberus - they're still going back and forth through the Omega 4 relay to investigate the Collector base from the end of ME2. (If you destroyed it, they're still trying to salvage the pieces). Cerberus doesn't bother Omega as long as Omega doesn't bother Cerberus - and that's how Aria likes it. Life in Omega continues as always, turning a blind eye to the war. The Afterlife is still a happening place.

    But Omega is a good source of eezo (mining) and you need it. Aria balks at providing it since this would break her neutrality and bring Cerberus down on her head. But you convince her to provide eezo by pointing out that Cerberus and the Reapers will inevitably turn against her, so she may as well face them now. She sees the wisdom, but there's a price. She will ask for a favor in the future.

    She also mentions that Grissom Academy down in Alliance space is under attack by Cerberus. You might want to look into that.

    Grissom Academy (happens concurrently to Eden Prime)
    <data>Anderson contacts you and says Grissom Academy has come under attack from Cerberus forces trying to abduct the biotic students.

    The Normandy arrives at the Academy and in a nimble bit of fast flying, Joker gets close enough to the Academy for you to enter an airlock before nearby Cerberus ships can respond. Inside, you are met by Kahlee Sanders (from Drew's novel), who has managed to hide from the enemy. She fills you in on the situation: various pockets of students are being kidnapped across the Academy. Her youngest students already left when the war started heating up, but a skeleton group of older student advisors remained behind to mothball the station. You must liberate each pocket of captured students on a march through the Academy. The rescued students provide biotic back-up as a one-two punch that enhances your own attacks. The initial group of students who Shepard rescues are being led by Jack, who has dialled down the crazy quotient and is now assisting the students to harness their powers in ways that aren't self-destructive. Jack will bring the students along a safe path towards an evacuation point while you provide a distraction to draw off the Cerberus forces. There's a mounting sense of chaos as the player glimpses intense ambient combat all around them.

    Finally, you must bring the students to escape pods. They'll use their combined biotic powers to blow out an entire section of the Academy to suck the Cerberus forces into the vacuum of space as they go. Something like ME2's "biotic bubbles" will keep the students safe. Once onboard the Normandy, you makes a choice about the students' fate: they can go with Jack to a safe refuge and wait out the war, or they can all join the conflict as a special "biotic battalion" (led by Jack) but face the prospect of getting killed in action.

    <data>CINE-ANIM: OmgJck_100_Arrival - The Normandy arrives at Grissom Academy to find Cerberus ships in the vicinity.

    <data>CUTSCENE: OmgJck_300_JackReIntro (Cine Anim) : Shepard comes upon a group of students under fire. Shepard is surprised to see Jack has been defending them. They are overwhelmed and Shepard comes to their aid. Hand off to gameplay.

    <data>Kaylee tells you she'll open up the door to the Atrium.

    <data>Ambient fight happening between students and Cerberus

    <data>Jack and students provide biotic support from the upper tier.

    <data>CINE DESIGN: Shepard approaches the students still under the biotic bubble.

    <data>CINE DESIGN 3-SECOND CUTSCENE: A Cerberus fighter crashes into the side of the ship, creating a hole and destroying the escape pods. Shepard hangs from the railing, about to be sucked out into space until the emergency doors slame shut, resuming normal air pressure.

    The fighter damaged a core part of the ship. The integrity of the space-station itself is now weakened, like a submarine beginning to come apart at the seams.

    <data>OmgJck_500_Departure: Shepard steals a Cerberus shuttle and departs. The Cerberus forces blast the Grissom station to bits as the stolen Cerberus shuttle flies off. Cerberus shuttle meets back with the Normandy. (Cine Anim)

    The station is moments away from exploding as Kahlee rushes to join you. If Jack is present, she provides a powerful shield that defeats the last wave of Cerberus soldiers and protects Kahlee from falling debri s. Kahlee makes it onto the shuttle alive. If Jack isn't present, then Kahlee dies. Either way, the stolen Cerberus shuttle flies away from Grissom Academy as the space-station explodes behind.

    Rachni (out of order):
    <data>The Reapers have found the rachni and established a breeding pit on an unexplored planet. A modified queen or Reaper-rigged surrogate is being used to produce Reaper-rachni troops to support ground forces. The krogan scouting team that confirmed the nest has gone dark. Occupied with the war against the Reapers, the krogan have turned to you and squad of krogan commandoes (led by Grunt) to take a team to personally confirm that only one queen exists and put an end to the spawning pit before the planet is bombarded. You lead your squad through a labyrinth of tunnels beneath the toxic surface alternatively fighting and avoiding swarms of converted rachni and Reaper minions. Upon reaching the spawning pit, you must decide between killing the imprisoned queen/surrogate, ending the threat of further Reaper-rachni troops or freeing it, gaining an ally, but sacrificing Grunt/commando who must die ensuring everyone escapes the planet.

    <data>Player can do investigates with Grunt to catch up with their old crew member.

    Geth Dreadnaught:
    <data>The Normandy docks with a diplomatic ship of the Migrant Fleet. A contigent of quarian admiralty come aboard.

    The player is told to use the Normandy stealth to enter the Perseus Veil and secretly board a Geth Dreadnaught just outside the quarian homeworld of Rannoch.

    <data>The Normandy flies up to the Geth dreadnought which is lightly damaged due to recent skirmishes. A badly damaged extended umbilical prevents proper docking, so Shepard is dropped off to traverse the umbilical and secure a way to dock and infiltrate the dreadnought.

    <data>Gth001_700_Depart: CineAnim cutscene of the crew meeting up with Legion/Xen in the hangar bay to make their escape from the exploding Dreadnought in one of the Geth Fighters.

    Rannoch (more than one script):
    <data>The geth-quarian conflict has erupted into war: their fleets are battling each other for ultimate control of the quarian homeworld, Rannoch. Admiral Zaal Korris is shot down over Rannoch while carrying crucial military codes that will endanger the quarian fleet if found by the geth. You and Tali rush to the crash site to secure the codes. The intel is gone, but you find a trail leading away from the area. You and Tali track the crash survivor while fighting off waves of geth also seeking the codes. They find the survivor, admiral Zaal Korris himself, and evacuate him before they're overwhelmed by geth ground forces.

    <data>CUTSCENE: The Normandy shuttle flies towards Rannoch. Through the window, Shepard and party see a Quarian ship crash-land not too far from them. They land in a light wilderness area.

    <data>You hear from a quarian admiral that the geth have a planetary defense gun stationed in an ancient quarian city on the surface of the homeworld. The quarians can't bombard it without destroying their equivalent of Jerusalem or Rome. Within a few hours, the planet will have turned far enough that the gun can hit the quarian fleet and blast their ships out of orbit. You race down to the planet's surface where you finds the gigantic gun. It's too well-defended for a frontal assault, so you create diversions to bleed off the geth troops so you can slip on board and wreak havoc. In a daring commando raid, you cut off the geth reinforcements that would otherwise swarm him and reaches the main console. At the controls of the fearsome weapon, you contact the quarian fleet, who send you the coordinates to blow many geth ships out of the sky.

    <data>[Cutscene] Shepard meets up with commandos who have already secured the entrance. Comments from commandos on how well you did not getting detected.

    <data>[Cutscene] Shepard enters with the Commandos.

    <data>[cineanim]Enemy introduction Geth Stalker: Shepard walks in to find Geth Stalkers overloading/destroying/sabotaging the consoles in the room, then cloak and start approaching Shepard.

    <data>[Cutscene] First shot of the Supergun (from afar). Lights go down. Gun fires. Commandos take the opportunity to enter nearby building. As they enter, the lights come back up. Geth become alerted. Shot highlighting the Rocket Trooper firing at the building -- cutting off Shepard from the Commandos.

    <data>[Ambient] Super gun fires. Lights go out. Turrets unuseable.

    <data>[POI] Quarian's in cover taking fire from geth.

    <data>Conversation with Commandos, saying this is the only way in/out for them. They need to set the bomb, and get out. Shepard needs to hold off the incoming reinforcements until they can do that.

    <data>All geth but Legion have decided to ally themselves with the Reapers. Legion is now at odds with its own kind while still trying to end the geth/quarian war. Legion asks you to help it infiltrate a geth server hub and "free" some of its people from Reaper indoctrination. You fight through geth protecting servers on Rannoch, then plugs into the virtual world of the geth consensus with Legion. You explore a virtual landscape that looks like an idealized version of Rannoch, while interacting with geth as individuals instead of faceless monsters. Legion directs them to the Reaper's influence, which takes the form of a corrupted looking environment. After cleansing the Reaper "infection", Legion transfers millions of geth programs into its own physical platform, saving them from indoctrination. You and Legion come out of the virtual world in time to fight off a geth prime and escape to the Normandy.

    <data>You land on Rannoch and fight geth forces. They are still under Reaper control, but are less effective due to the loss of the dreadnought. EDI traces the Reaper signal, and the aggressive quarian Flotilla assaults the geth fleet instead of retreating. EDI finds the Reaper's location, and you destroy the multi-story Reaper mastermind, fighting in the Hammerhead, on foot, and even climbing onto the Reaper to deliver the killing shot. When it's dead, the geth become momentarily helpless, and Shepard decides whether to let the quarians destroy the geth or use the coded signal from the now-dead Reaper to bring the geth up to a true state of intelligence. Either way, you get the fleet you needs to retake Earth.

    You receive a message from Liara's Shadow Broker networks. There is intel about a secret asari vault which holds an important Prothean artifact. It may be a component of the Bomb, so you should head to the asari homeworld to investigate.

    <data>CINE-ANIM: Normandy fires down into the pit. Mass explosion. Everything is quiet for a few seconds; you think you destroyed the transmitter.

    Quarians come into contact and they say that there is still a signal. Everything begins to shake. The Reaper starts to get up (in-game). The windows break in front of Shepard, giving him a way to escape.

    <data>Ambient: EDI tells Shepard that the ships above are ready for orbital bombardment.

    CUTSCENE: The ships strike down but they miss the Reaper. Instead, their bombs land close to Shepard, causing the hovercraft to make a sharp turn down the mountain-side.

    <data>Tali/Legion says, "It's gaining on us! We need to slow it down. On the left! Shoot the pillars!"

    <data>Tali/Legion says, "The bullets aren't affecting it!"

    <data>Geth enemies come via other hovercrafts.

    <data>Ambient: "Shepard, he's charging his projectile. Watch out!"

    <data>Reaper shoots projectiles at the hovercraft while coming closer.

    <data>Shepard knocks out the hoodoo and stalls the Reaper.

    <data>After Shepard hits the last hoodoo and slows the Reaper down,the ships target on to the Reaper and shoot him down (in-game).

    <data>The player aims at the Reaper's weak spot. Orbital bombardment hits it where the player aimed. The Reaper is 1/2 way damaged. It turns towards Shepard and starts coming towards him. Shepard has to hit it once more in the weak spot before it reaches him. When he does, the Reaper tumbles to the ground and dies.

    <data>The Prothean henchman needs to access an artifact kept in a monastery in the asari capital city on Thessia. It contains vital data about the Device. The artifact has also secretly given the asari an edge over other species for hundreds of years, though most people just think it's a religious relic. Problem is, Thessia is now suffering a full-fledged Reaper invasion. Shepard lands in the middle of a war-zone and fights his way through an on-going Reaper battle (think Baghdad shock-and-awe) to gain access to the monastery. With bombs still exploding outside, Shepard explores a portion of the massive religious temple and finds the relic hidden in plain sight in some sort of grand cathedral-style area. It's as if they built the temple around the relic.

    The Prothean henchman accesses the artifact and goes into a trance while information is downloaded into his brain. But Shepard isn't the only one interested in this artifact -- Ash/Kaidan now steps out of the shadows accompanied by Kai Leng. With guns raised in a Mexican standoff, Shepard wants to know what the hell is going on. A/K says Udina has told her all about Shepard killing her partner on Eden Prime. Udina put her in touch with Kai Leng -- an Alliance intelligence operative who helped her track Shepard down. Kai Leng plays the role well, egging A/K on against Shepard (A/K has never seen Kai Leng before and doesn't know better).

    Shepard must convince A/K he's not a murderer and that Kai Leng is the true enemy, or he'll have to kill her. With A/K resolved, Shepard then has an epic battle with Kai Leng and Cerberus reinforcements over who gets the Prothean (still frozen a trance). The war outside intensifies, with windows, roofs, walls, etc. blowing out in bomb attacks, giving a spectacular view of Thessia under fire. Kai Leng wins the fight regardless, sending Shepard crashing down through a stain-glassed window. The last thing Shepard sees before he blacks out is Kai Leng leaving with his new Prothean prize.

    Back aboard the Normandy, you receive a message from Thane's son. Kolyat has received word that, at the request of Donnel Udina, the Citadel Council will hold a critical vote in 24 hours that will abandon the hanar homeworld to the Reapers in the name of protecting other planets. You need to get to the Citadel and get to Udina, one way or the other.

    <data>Shepards shuttle lands amidst a night time Reaper invasion of Thessia the Asari home world. The atmosphere is like that of Baghdad during the American shock and awe preliminary attacks. A large building collapses on the Reaper side of the battle field as the shuttle lands at the closest Asari forward command post.

    <data>As the player crosses into the Reaper side of the battlefront a Squad of assari commandos can be seen firing towards something in the distance. The target is a large troop spawning Reaper creature that crosses over the buildings, kills the commando unit and enters the players battlefield.

    <data>As the player approaches the toppled building laying in the road, a horrible shreik echos from the structure and the several sheets of the remaining glass shatters and falls attracting attention to the path forward.

    <data>Shepard accesses the console. The ceiling infront of the Prothean arifiact pats and a staircase errects its self toward the opening. Shepard heads up.

    Upon entering the catherdral the squad approaches the artifact. The prothean shares some words with Shepard and activates the device. As the Prothean is lifted up into the air (as Shepard was on Eden Prime in ME1) A/K enters from the hidden entrance and confronts Shepard.

    The conversation is quickly interrupted by Kai Leng and a fight begins.

    <data>Ashley/Kaidan must be convinced not to kill the Prothean and that the there is no way to save humanity without the bomb. If the persuade fails Shepard must kill their former squad mate, otherwise Ashley/Kaidan joins Shepard in the fight against Kai Leng

    <data>Kai Leng engages the player on the upper section of the Cathedral. As time progresses surges of energy from the Prothean blast sections out of the roof exposing more of the battle raging outside. Shepard can either be defeated by Kai Leng or Hold him off for the required amount of time.

    <data>As Kai Lengs defences wear down he moves to draw Shepard away from the Prothean. Once sufficently damaged Kai Leng jumps into a safe position and detonates the explosives rigged into the area away from the artifact. In a bright flash Shepard and the squad are hit with the full brunt of the blast.

    <data>Shepard comes regains consiouness as the ringing in his ears fades and and the voices of A/K and Liara become dicernable. As he trys to collect himself it becomes apparent that the Prothean is gone, A/K and Liara are in serious trouble, and Shepard has been horribly wounded. A peice of rebar protrudes from Shepards back, he's bleeding badly, and cannot stand. Shepard crawls forward in gameplay to try to save his survivng squad members.

    <data>As Shepard Crawls along the ground the floor continues to collapse. It's quite obvious that by the time he gets to one of his henchmen, the other will have been overcome and killed. Shepard moves slowly painting the ground beneath him with a long bright trail of blood. His armor is damaged and cannot help him.

    If Shepard stops the ground falls out from under him and he dies. As he moves towards on henchmen, the others situation becomes more dire. During the last leg of his crawl the path to the furthest henchmen gives way, shortly after that character is killed. Once Shepard reaches the surving henchmen he uses the last of his strength to assist them and colapses.

    <data>The surving Henchmen assists Shepard out of the colapsing Catherdral. As they reach the exterior the sound of a vehicle causes Shepard to look to the Sky. it's Kai Leng, he has the unconcous Prothean in his drop ship. Kai Leng gives Shep a wry smile and closes the dropship door and leaves.

    Shepard passes out and regains concousness aboard the Normandy. His wounds are being tended to in the Medical bay.

    <data>CUTSCENE: The Normandy docks to the command ship of the Asari fleet right after their defeat defending Thessia. The command ship is the Destiny Ascension if it was saved.

    <data>Shepard and the survivors board the command ship. The Admiral takes Shepard off to the side to discuss the situation.

    <data>Shepard and the survivors board the command ship. Samara takes Shepard off to the side to discuss the situation.

    <data>Shepard and the survivors board the command ship. EDI calls in to discuss the situation.

    Citadel Coup:
    <data>Kolyat has received word that, at the request of Donnel Udina, the Citadel Council will hold a critical vote in 24 hours that will abandon the hanar homeworld to the Reapers in the name of protecting other planets. He needs you to get to Udina, one way or the other. He brings in Kasumi (if alive) to help nab evidence from C-SEC headquarters he could use to blackmail Udina. You get in to C-SEC HQ, and finds the evidence being destroyed by a Cerberus double agent. Extracting the information from him, you discover that Udina is indoctrinated and will soon launch a coup d'état to overthrow the Citadel Council. You and Kolyat must now stop him through any means possible. Thane (if alive) is brought on board to assassinate Udina. Thane is weak from his disease, but is on heavy painkillers and determined to complete his last mission.

    You, Thane, and Kasumi take on heavy security measures on their way to the Council Chamber in the Citadel Tower. Thane and Kasumi's presence helps you get past various puzzle obstacles. A short but brutal fight with Cerberus conspirators ensues when you secure a vantage point to take the target down. When Udina makes his move, you are there to reveal his crimes in front of the Council. Udina reacts by signaling an army of hidden Cerberus forces. In the climactic showdown, Thane uses the last of his strength to take out Udina. You give Thane the last rites he is too weak to say for himself, and Thane dies, his species' debt to the hanar repaid.

    The grateful Council is now completely behind Shepard and give him their unconditional support.

    <data>CinAnim Scene:
    Player leaves in the patrol car with henchmen, on the way to their destination the car is brought down by Cerberus Phantoms and they crash into balconies in a higher area of the Presidium ring.

    Lessus Monastery:
    <data>MISSION SUMMARY: Shepard and party search the asari monastery for the two Ardat-Yakshi being used to create the Banshee Reaper enemies. He finds they are Samara's daughters, and if she is alive, she is resolved to get them out of here. This place shows the horrors of Reaper occupation -- they have turned the daughters into biotic murder machines and stitched together asari into monsters. Shepard gets the youngest daughter out but her elder sister sacrifices herself to stop the hordes of Banshees from claiming any more victims. Once the team has time to breathe, Shepard and Samara realize that even the youngest daughter is a threat -- though noble, she is still addicted to the power rush of Ardat-Yakshi feeding, and she can't live here in isolation any more. Shepard must decide -- can she be trusted to be let loose on the galaxy, or will Samara kill her last surviving daughter as her Code demands?

    <data>AREA SUMMARY: This area is the landing pad on the roof of the monastery. Shepard finds the place abandoned, and the tone here is dark and forbidding.

    <data>AREA SUMMARY: This is where Shepard finds Falere, the youngest of Samara's daughters. If Samara is present, she is comforting her. Falere says her sister Rila is in a Reaper machine in the monastery's grand hall, where she is forced to feed off of captive asari and power their transformation into Banshees. Falere will meet Shepard there and let him in -- she does not trust herself not to feed off Shepard were she to travel with him.

    <data>AREA SUMMARY: This courtyard is where the Reaper forces have piled the bodies of the asari that the Ardat-Yakshi have consumed. Shepard fights Reaper enemies here.

    <data>AREA SUMMARY: This is where Shepard finds Rila, Samara's eldest daughter, imprisoned in a machine that takes her biotic power and uses it to power Banshees, the Reaper enemy that is based on asari bodies. Shepard frees Rila and then has a complex combat with the Banshees alerted by Rila's removal from the machine.

    <data>AREA SUMMARY: In cutscene, Shepard and company run to the elevator. Rila biotically throws the party inside the nonworking elevator to the roof, and draws in the hordes of Banshees closing in on her. She retreats into the elevator shaft and then drops the vator, killing herself and crushing her enemies along with it.

    <data>AREA SUMMARY: Shepard is once again on the roof, but he is faced with a new decision. Through no fault of her own, Falere is an Ardat-Yakshi with no place to stay or be isolated from the general population. Does Shepard let her go and trust her not to feed on innocent victims, or kill her as a danger to the galaxy? Samara's presence complicates matters further, as her Justicar code demands Falere die, but she would sooner kill herself than her last surviving daughter. What does Shepard do?

    <data>AREA SUMMARY: In the big decision dialogue, Shepard ends by contacting Joker and telling him to get the word back to asari command that the mission is done. We cut back to the Normandy.

    <data>*Note: Level is in Rough Pre-Narrative Playable State*

    [Background] The Illusive Man offers to give Miranda's father the location of both his daughters, Miranda and Oriana, if the father supports the Illusive Man in this war by setting up, and running, a special facility to herd refugees from other planets to be handed over to the Reapers. The father agrees.

    [Player information] Early in ME3 Miranda, if alive, sends an email to Shepard saying that she has learned her father and Cerberus are back in business. A second email is recieved saying that Oriana is in trouble, and that Miranda is tracking her down. After the email, we don't hear from Miranda again. After Cat 2, Shepard asks his crew for anything on Cerberus. Shepard is concerned because Miranda cannot be reached to talk about her father's connection to the Illusive Man. EDI/Liara finds lots of transports going to Cerberus controlled locations from a place dubbed 'Sanctuary'- a refugee camp built into a massive genetic research and production facility. The objective of this mission to get to Miranda's father- he has a direct line to the Illusive Man. Shepard needs to find the Illusive Man at all costs.

    <data>CineAnim Cutscene

    Pariah Reveal: A distant whispering that has been echoing in Shepard's head during his exploration of Sanctuary is now revealed. A hideous new Reaper minion called the Pariah. It seems busy surveying a particular cage full of prisoners. The cage is lowered to the floor, but does not undergo any further processing.

    The Pariah finally notices Shepard with a powerful mind blast while teleporting to a nearby ledge allowing its soldiers to attack.

    <data>Temp: Cell raises and prisoners are released. Shepard finds Miranda inside the cell. They reunite and Shepard is told to exit through the back of the cell towards the Father's office.

    <data>CineAnim: As Shepard enters the last room we see the cells transformed. One cell lifts from the ground to the platform and out come Reaper enemies. The player also sees cells with more prisoners lowering into the ground.

    <data>CineAnim Cutscene

    The horrific reveal: The camera pulls away from a single cage full of screaming prisoners being lowered onto the 'Dragon's Teeth', a spike-like device used by Reaper to impale captured prisoners, to reveal a vast field of cages that are filled with an uncountable number of helpless prisoners undergoing the same ordeal.

    <data>CineAnim Cutscene

    Final processing: Shepard enters the last large room. He sees a number of cages he has seen previously, and knows that groups of prisoners are being held within them. One of the cages is lifted by crane from deep below the floor of the room accompanied by a blast of eerie smoke. The cage is lifted to a platform. Shepard is shocked to see Reaper husks instead of prisoners come pouring out when a door is opened.

    Shepard sees that the other cages are being slowly lowered into deep smoky, pits of their own. He must fight the oncoming husks and Reaper troops while trying to stop the cages full of prisoners from being processed into husks.

    Ex-Cerberus Scientists (happens out of order in final game; happens CONCURRENTLY (player can pick which one to do first, but must do both) in November version):
    <data>Liara (or Jacob, if he's alive) directs you towards an important asset in the bolstering of the device, ex-Cerberus scientist and Prothean expert KENESIA. Kenesia is also Jacob's beautiful ex-girlfriend.

    When Kenesia experienced the Illusive Man's indoctrination firsthand, she fled Cerberus in the night. She now runs a secret, scientific enclave on a remote planet, having convinced many of the most brilliant minds in the galaxy to join her.

    Knowing that the enclave is in immediate jeopardy, you rush to the outpost. You try to convince Kenesia that the colony's only hope is to evacuate. Kenesia resists, saying that nothing could make them abandon their ideals. You point to the Cerberus forces already amassing on their doorstep. When one of her colleagues is violently killed, Kenesia wakes to reality and agrees to the colony's evacuation. You and your team prepare a defense, while the enclave gets ready to evacuate. In the shadow of the coming battle, you and Kenesia (and Jacob if he's alive) talk about life, love and hope for humanity in the face of impossible odds.

    Cerberus mounts a massive assault and the battle rages until the last living scientist boards a shuttle and leaves the planet.

    Citadel side-plots:
    <data>You hear hate speech and misinformation coming from humans on the Citadel and traces it to a Charles Saracino, who is using the human-centric Terra Firma Party to put out Cerberus propaganda. After you turn the crowd against Saracino, Cerberus comes after you through people Shepard has helped on past missions. Working with Citadel reporter Emily Wong, you track the Cerberus assassins to a neighbourhood in the Wards where Cerberus has almost total control. (Roleplaying Plots 3 and 4)

    You go into the Cerberus-controlled neighbourhood with reporters Emily Wong and Khalisah Al-Jilani recording your actions through a camera mounted on your armor. You question witnesses (who refuse to talk) and fight Cerberus forces while hunting for the assassin, and in the process catch Cerberus atrocities on live video. In the final area, you uncover horrible Cerberus atrocities before killing the assassin. The vids ensure that nobody on the Citadel will work with Cerberus.

    <data>After the attack on Palavan, the Citadel is filled with panicked refugees. It only gets worse when an explosion destroys a major building and leaves dozens dead. You track down the culprit and learn that hanar religious extremists have sided with the Reapers. Commander Bailey places every hanar on the Citadel into internment camps for security reasons.

    You discover the existence of a Reaper base within the Hanar systems.

    <data>You track the hanar bomber's history to a Reaper base. You destroy the base, which contains noncombatant hanar as well as Reaper enemies. The hanar do not fight, but use consoles to lock doors and slow you down. You find evidence about which hanar on the Citadel are working for the Reapers.

    <data>A gigantic arc of electricity appear between the two electomagentic pillar, before vanishing in a flash of light. The EMP has effectively damaged all the electronics in the area, and the vehicle the general was supposed to use is noe unusable.
    If Kasumi alive, chater banter to explain the EMP also erased the data compromising the Alliance with Cerberus.

    Omega Blockade (starts after Thessia; runs concurrently to Citadel Coup):
    <data>{TEMP} Aria tells you that Omega is now under a blockade from Cerberus. Since a direct attack didn't work Cerberus is now trying to starve Omega into submission by blockading supply ships coming in through the regular Omega relay. The level's appearance will change to reflect this -- the Afterlife has gone quiet, the music is off, the flashing lights are gone, maybe a soup kitchen has taken over the dance floor. Aria requests that you steal into the blockade and board the command ship. Take down the blockade so Omega can be resupplied.

    Zaeed's mission takes place after Shepard's lifted the blockade. Colonel Armitage, the Cerberus envoy who orchestrated the blockade, has fled the station. Aria wants Shepard to track him down.

    <data>As punishment for breaking the neutrality pact, Cerberus launches an attack against Omega. The enemy is attempting to destroy Omega's shields, which will allow asteroids and meteors to smash into the station. You must repel the assault and ensure the shield remain operational.

    <data>You arrive at Omega as it is under seige. Cerberus is attacking Omega as punishment for siding with Shepard.

    <data>Aria thanks you for breaking the blockade. Now is the time to ask for that favor she had mentioned earlier.

    There is a lost ship on the other side of the Omega-4 relay that has "pirate booty" that she desires. Bring it back to her and Omega's eezo processing is at Shepard's disposal.

    <data>Since their direct assault failed, Cerberus is now blockading Omega in an effort to starve it into submission. You must destroy the main Cerberus command ship responsible for the blockade.

    <data>You must journey to the other side of the Omega-4 relay to an old derelict ship and secure the "pirate loot" there. In the endgame, this will buy you the loyalty of Omega's criminal fleet.

    <data>A notorious Cerberus tactician orchestrating the Omega blockade crashes on a planet after being attacked by Aria's raiders. Aria wants to grill the tactician and asks you to retrieve her before Cerberus does. Your shuttle down to the planet is rocked by a missile: Cerberus has had time to establish a defensive perimeter. You are forced to make an emergency landing and must fight through patrols, traps and a deadly environment to get to the Cerberus ship. Once there, you are confronted by Zaeed: He's signed on again with Cerberus as the tactician's bodyguard, and is determined to fulfill his contract. After a fight you have a chance to either persuade the merc that he's on the wrong side or finish off Zaeed. Either way, you take the tactician back to Omega.

    Chronos Station:
    <data>CUTSCENE - After defeating Kai Leng a video screen boots up. After learning that the Citadel was the Catalyst, the Illusive Man got aboard it. The Reapers have moved the Citadel to Earth now, in preparations for the final stages of humanity?s ascension to Reaperhood? and Shepard must act now if he?s going to stop the Illusive Man, and the Reapers.

    Shepard's dreams:
    <data>Scene: Shepard sits down at his desk, obviously tired from the events up to now. Shepard lays head onto arms, and falls asleep.

    <data>Opening Cinematic: Shepard is in a snowy, creepy version of the park where he first saw the child playing. This establishes Shepard in a dream, and shows the child again. Many voices call out to Shepard. These are voices of people who’ve died, but you can’t really tell who is speaking.

    As Shepard reaches out to touch the child, the child bursts into flame and ash.
    The snow in the nightmare level is actually ashes. Shepard wakes up with a start.

    Back to Urth:
    <data>Cutscene: Hammer Intro

    - Huge troop ships descend through the clouds. We see the London landscape in flames. Tracer fire - arcs up from the ground towards the ships. Some ships are destroyed in mid-air.
    The shuttles and pods land at the secured landing zone.
    - Interior shuttle. The shuttle doors open and immediately soldiers are shot down. Other soldiers climb over their bodies to run towards positions in the battlefield…

    <data>Action Moment: Reaper Attack
    Shepard moves to open the door to the shuttle. Suddenly, a mini-Reaper appears nearby, landing / emerging from the Thames. It fires its main gun, destroying the shuttle. Sheppard and team scramble for cover in a nearby building, shouting over the radio for pickup.

    <data>Conversation: Shepard and team enter the HAmmer stronghold. Anderson is here. Conversation about launching the Hammer attack as soon as the rest of Hammer is in position.

    <data>Conversation: Shepard reports the gun was destroyed to Anderson. Anderson tells Shepard about the progress of the other teams - not all of them succeeded, but enough have that hammer can land. Hammer is radioed and given the signal to begin the assault.


    Shepard climbs aboard the APC, which begins driving towards the facility.
    Anderson reports that Hammer has broken through the Reaper defenses, and all units are converging on the facility. Victory is almost certain!

    Suddently, Hackett breaks in over radio. Reaper reinforcements are incoming.

    Anderson fills in Shepard about what's been happening with hammer. It'll be a few minutes before Hammer's all in position. This may be the last chance to talk to Shepard's team.

    Start the attak now?

    <data>Cutscene: Hammer Resolution

    Hammer begins its assault, fighting across the open ground towards buildings defended by the Reapers. Cutscene mostly follows another squad, outcome depends on how powerful Hammer is.

    At the end of the scene, we return to Shepard, who is also making progress. Shepard ends up jumping / falling / getting blown into a large trench running toward the buildings ahead.

    One of Shepard's surviving, unassigned henchmen has linked up with a mechanized infantry column. They're trying to advance down the street, but AT fire from the buildings has stopped them. They need Shepard to clear the buildings so they can get to the facility.


    The APC comes to a stop at the edge of the massive crater which contains the facility.

    Shepard decides whether or not his team will accompany him in the final run to the device.

    Harvesters start landing in the crater. Anderson reinforces that they can't stay and fight - the Harvester swarm is virtually endless. They just need to get Shepard to the beam at all costs. Anderson and his team will cover one side of Shepard's approach, the henchmen the other side.


    Anderson drops Shepard off on one side of the Facility, a few blocks from the muster point where Hammer is gathering before their attack. He wishes Shepard luck, and then his shuttle takes off so that Anderson can take command of Hammer on the far side of the facility.

    A second Reaper fleet arrives in orbit of Earth. Harvesters start launching from the Reapers, and descend towards earth in a massive swarm.


    Shepard / Hackett / Anderson decide to move quickly to organize a defense to hold off the Reapers in orbit from reaching the Citadel and to keep the Harvesters away from the London facility.


    Hammer resolution: summary of performance of the Hammer striketeam and casualty report.

    Shield planning: assign strike teams for orbital and planetary operations to defend against the Reaper counterattack.


    Shield setup. The device and its escorts enter Sol and move to engage the Reapers.

    <data>Designer Cutscene:
    Shepard forces open the door and emerges onto the street. Further down the street, the crew of a torpedo launch truck is being attacked by reaper enemies. One of the crew is killed, and activates the launch as he falls. The torpedoes launch, and impact harmlessly or are destroyed by a Reaper which is advancing towards the trucks.

    <data>Designer Cutscene: Missile Strike part 1
    Shepard enters the last commands to launch his missiles as the Reaper finishes charging its shot. As he does so, he shouts for the other missile units to fire.
    Note: Close-up shots of the Reaper are avoided during this scene.

    <data>Designer Cutscene: Missile Strike part 2
    The first torpedo fires, impacting on the Reaper, staggering it. It is followed immediately by salvo after salvo of other torpedoes launched by other Hammer units to the east and west.
    Shepard's second torpedo fires, striking the Reaper in its vulnerable spot, destroying it.
    Cheering can be heard over the radio. Anderson arrives with a unit of Marines.
    Note: Close-up shots of the Reaper are okay during this scene.


    <data>Designer Cutscene: Reaper Battle Failure
    The Reaper fires its beam, destroying the missile truck and causing a massive explosion.

    <data>Designer Cutscene:
    Shepard comes to.
    A handful of survivors from hammer, including Anderson and the henchmen, have gotten bogged down just a few dozen meters from the conduit and have dug in, but are dying quickly.
    Suddenly, the Normandy streaks overhead, evading fire fromthe Reaper and blowing a hole in the Reaper enemies' lines.
    Anderson shouts for Shepard to make a run for it, and orders the rest of Hammer to cover him.

    <data>Action Moment / Cutscene:

    A harvester lands almost on top of Shepard, knocking him down. The Harvester attacks, and Shepard scrambles to avoid it.

    Suddenly, gunfire starts hitting the Harvester, distracting it. The henchmen appear, firing at the harvester, trying to get its attention. It moves to attack them - they shout for Shepard to go for the beam, and disappear, chased by the Harvester.

    Shepard runs to the beam, ducking around more fire from landing Harvesters, and leaps into the beam.

    Alternate versions for Conduit scene
    Shepard and Anderson approach the conduit's beam. Shepard gets in, but Anderson is grabbed by a husk. Shepard turns to help, but before he can do anything, the beam activates, whisking Shepard away to the Citadel. On the other side, Shepard tears the metal from his leg and casts it aside, and then injects himself with Medigel.

    Shepard comes to. Anderson is dragging him forward. A jagged, bloody piece of metal is sticking out of his thigh. The conduit anchor retracts, stranding the henchmen. Shepard tries to walk, but his leg buckles. Anderson hands Shepard his pistol, and lifts Shepard's arm around his neck, supporting his leg. The two begin to shuffle towards the conduit beam.

    <data>Designer Cutscene: Shepard limps to the conduit, and takes one final look around for other survivors. Seeing none, he enters the beam and is transported to the citadel.

    Shepard regains consciousness. He's bloody, and obviously badly injured. The Reaper is overhead, blasting away at retreating elements of Hammer. Shepard looks around: he's surrounded by burning vehicles and corpses, alone. He reaches for a syrette of medigel, but finds them broken or empty. Determined, he struggles to his feet, and starts limping towards the conduit.

    The Citadel/Crucible/GUARDIAN

    Shepard leaps into the Conduit at the end of the Earth sequence.

    Shepard slowly wakes up. He is badly injured and alone. Suddenly his radio starts to go off.

    <data>Shepard and Anderson reach the end of the tunnel in to a larger central chamber. They realize this is essentially a rendering facility. Human goo pours from their tunnel, and dozens (hundreds?) like it, into a vast holding tank under the grated floor.

    <data>As they enter the control room they can see the controls for the Citadel Arms, but before they can reach them both Shepard and Anderson begin to feel the effects similiar to those Shepard felt at MIRANDA'S MISSION. Before they can realize what's happening, Anderson and Shepard find themselves with their guns drawn and aimed at one another.

    <data>The fight ends with Shepard near death… and the Crucible docking with the Citadel. Bloodied and wounded, Shepard stumbles for the controls… and collapses (END03 Begins).


    The platform Shepard was on begins to rise up into GUARDIAN's garden where he is faced with his final decision.

    Random ditties that don't fit anywhere:

    The lead-in to the cut Xen quest. It's almost-finished in the final game, yes.

    <data>Tali/Xen Plot: Starts with clicking on Tali, then on Noles to confirm that player wants to do mission, then nonmoving keeper, and then tracking keepers. Ends with discovery of second keeper and instructions to go to Underbelly.

    Book puzzle?! I'm thinking this had a role in Kolyat's quest from the other file.
    <data>There is a painting of an Asari and Quarian and underneath each a rectangle space where a book would fit

    <data>By choosing the correct two books a secret passage opens up

    <data>Cooking For (Forty) Quarians

    <data>Space Herpes and You

    <data>Krogan Krav Maga

    <data>Sorry, Asari

    <data>Humanity: Boom or Doom?

    <data>You Cannot Save on the Elevator.
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    What you've dug up is too much. :cry: James as a possible love interest? Javik was supposed to be the one who will reveal the truth? Diana Allers dead? Kaidan discussing the dream with Shep? Also the data you named WHAT IS THIS I DON'T EVEN made my eyes the size of a plate. :eek: As a matter of fact while reading through everything I forgot to breathe. Why? Why bioware? On the side note your digging up through all those files is worthy of admiration. I don't think anyone could go on and actually type it all down after discovering all of that wasted potential. At least not without a bag of tissues.

    I know its bad and wrong but I so wish to hand over a few slaps at BW.
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