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Datamining the Trilogy (AKA Things That Were Cut)

Discussion in 'Role Playing Games' started by Noelemahc, Jun 1, 2012.

  1. Turambar

    Turambar Elite Member

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    Nice work as usual. Where did you pull the ME1 thumbnails and alternate galaxy map stuff from?
  2. Noelemahc

    Noelemahc Le Unfun Terrible

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    Galaxy Map came from ME1's files holding the UI elements. Thumbnails came from ME2's files holding UI elements also. I assume they're somewhere in ME1 too, but not every file in ME1 PC is openable with the tools I have. I'm looking into procuring a data dump of ME1 X360 for that purpose, as I'm still dead set on getting facecodes or something for ProtoShep and EzioShep =)
  3. KingofBulgaria

    KingofBulgaria Supreme Member

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    cool finds Noel..also have you noticed that the Shepard on the cover looks nothing like Sheploo or the others...well on the Xbox version anyways
  4. Fiannawolf

    Fiannawolf Ultra Member

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    COOOOOOFEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! *Snatches pic*
  5. Reaper's Armegeddon

    Reaper's Armegeddon Supreme Member

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    Kay, that galaxy map looks badass. Inaccurate, but awesome.

    Yeah i'm wondering why theres a poster for the Yahg, are they very popular?
    "Get a pet Yahg today!"
    That would be amusing. A 9 foot tall, 5 feet wide land shark built to be the ultimate predator and as smart as a Salarian.
  6. Noelemahc

    Noelemahc Le Unfun Terrible

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    That's the point of why I brought it up. The filename of the texture says "BROKER" =)

    There was also a significantly different more complicated design for enemy target health/shield bars, but it's not very informative and I'm not sure it would be fun to see. I'll drop it in the next batch of "look at this random stuff" postage =)
  7. Noelemahc

    Noelemahc Le Unfun Terrible

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    Firepower pack is out.

    Bullet points:
    * Five guns from MP (Reegar, Krysae, Indra, Harrier and Geth SMG)
    * Two new guns (Bloodpack SMG and Anti-Synthetic Rifle)
    * Contains files for the latest MP DLC's new weapon mods (like omniblade bayonet)
    * As usual, contains bits and bobs of other stuff.

    Most of the stuff is plain recycled from MP.

    Bit of dialogue that seems new:
    War Assets which I don't recall from the other places:
    <data>Syndiamond Heat Sinks</data>
    <data>Governor Grothan Pazness</data>
    <data>Ill-Fated Escape Ship</data>
    <data>Void Devils Fighter Wing</data>
    <data>Vorcha Labor Team</data>
    <data>Liquid Assets</data>
    <data>Jovian Dissertation</data>
    <data>Crucible Shielding Sheath</data>
    <data>Husk Neural Map</data>
    <data>Dextro Rations</data>
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  8. Fiannawolf

    Fiannawolf Ultra Member

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    Nicely mined there Noel. :D Hmmm.....*puts bruised heart in special mass effect chamber* Wont take that out again until all the SP DLC is released....need my Reunion Mr Weeks. Pleasums??
  9. Turambar

    Turambar Elite Member

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    Good work Noel - looks like they've got additional DLC in the pipe. I wonder why they keep throwing future DLC files in the stuff being released. It certainly isn't due to size. Is it possible that they're deliberately doing it to get people talking about it?
  10. Buu

    Buu Supreme Member

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    And use that attention to make money through SPACE MAGIC!!!!!!
    Because we still not buying.
  11. Fightin Man-Chicken

    Fightin Man-Chicken Elite Member

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    Once again, Noelemahc gettin down and dirty doing the mining so you don't have too..
    Are these going to be War assets for Leviathan maybe?
    Dextro Rations, Husk Neural Map, Crucible Shielding Sheath, Vorcha Labor Team, Ill-Fated Escape Ship...These seem weird...husk neural map? WTF..Vorcha Labor team wat? Do you really need them working on the crucible..Escape Ship how would that help your ems..Dextro Rations?hmmmmm

    Looking foward to you ripping apart Leviathan DLC... for science of course!!!
  12. Reaper's Armegeddon

    Reaper's Armegeddon Supreme Member

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    Nice work. Took them long enough to put the geth smg in, or as i call it "The gun i never have to get ammo for".
    I don't think they can make the reaper war seem bigger, i mean they threaten every form of life in the galaxy, how can you possibility go up from there, every form of life in the galaxy and their cat?
    Those assets seem kinda half assed. I mean the Crucible already has a "sheathe" and i figured Vorcha labor teams were already being used, seeing as thats their most widely used purpose other than cannon fodder. also, "Dextro rations" really? Food is an asset?! Wheres my 600 points from the Quarian Liveships, whos purpose is basically to MAKE food.
    A few like "Husk neural map" and some kind of special heat sinks don't seem that useful. Unless said heat sinks make weapons more efficent(which is highly unlikely), why do we care? The neural map is only useful to Cerberus, so thats a waste.
    Notice they didn't have a reaper as an asset though. Guess you don't get this "Leviathan" on your side then. Too bad, it would actually be useful. I mean it wouldn't make any freaking sense, but useful.
  13. Noelemahc

    Noelemahc Le Unfun Terrible

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    Don't forget, all of these are still tentative and may be altered in the final real DLC. The snips found in pre-Arrival DLCs hinted at it taking place on a shipboard research station, not an asteroid research station, remember?

    Nah, it's for compatibility. Most of these strings come from the DLC_Shared file which is responsible for connectoring the plot-containing DLCs to the main game. Same as why ME2 has bits of Kasumi and Zaeed in the vanilla game - so that they would slot neatly into a perfectly Kasumi and Zaeed-shaped holes in the game. Same happened to Javik and his vaguely Collector-shaped hole. Same is here, this file MAKES that hole to slot stuf in to.
  14. Noelemahc

    Noelemahc Le Unfun Terrible

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    Filling the void here with random busywork... datamining the November Leak. You see, unlike some of the folks that are just passing around the whoever-made-it dump like a slightly soggy joint, I have the actual files on hand. And there's more than one script file in there. Beginning from today, we will serialize our slow descent into madness and bigotry over the wonderful things the game was supposed to have, but ultimately didn't.

    For starters...

    We were supposed to Shadow-of-the-Colossus the Rannoch Reaper.
    <data>{TEMP: Reaper base stands up, revealed to actually be a Reaper.}

    <data>{TEMP: Followers react to Reaper reveal, EDI notes that Shepard needs to get to vehicle to escape.}

    <data>{TEMP: Henchmen shout warnings and advice while Shepard climbs up toward turret.}

    <data>{TEMP: Henchmen shout ambients while driiving to escape the Reapers.}

    <data>{TEMP: Henchmen shout ambients while Shepard targets Reaper weak points and brings down orbital strikes.}

    <data>{TEMP: Troop transport leaps from high area onto back of Reaper.}

    <data>{TEMP: Transport is destroyed, but Shepard and team climb free, now on top of Reaper}

    <data>{TEMP: Henchmen clue in Shepard on weak points to target orbital strike.}

    <data>{TEMP: Final orbital bombardment kills Reaper. Shepard leaps clear as Reaper collapses.}

    <data>{TEMP: EDI tells Shepard that Reaper is blocking targeting attempts.}

    <data>{TEMP: Jeep will have to drive onto Reaper, then Shepard can use orbital sync to line up shots.}

    Oh, and also this was the end of Rannoch:

    <data>{TEMP: If Tali romance, Legion leaves so that Tali and Shepard can have final resolution in private.}

    Aaand stuff we weren't shown:

    <data>{TEMP: Cut-scene of the krogan and salarian ships arriving at the Normandy for the summit meeting}.

    Krogan ships. KROGAN SHIPS.

    The Urth trial was supposed to be an actual TRIAL, not some bizarre interview.
    <data>Alone in his “cell,” Shepard gazes wistfully at the idyllic view of Vancouver, Earth’s gleaming capital city. The hearing begins and Shepard is summoned; escorted from his cell by an elite young soldier, James.

    <data>On the long walk Shepard is accompanied by his mentor and friend, Admiral Anderson.

    <data>. Just as Shepard is about to enter the hearing, his old friend (lover?) Ashley/Kaidan arrives; but there’s little time for reminiscing as Shepard is whisked inside. James and A/K wait outside while Shepard faces his accusers.

    <data>The hearing is a witch hunt; nobody seems interested in the truth. Even with Anderson defending Shepard, it’s clear the leaders won’t listen to reason.

    <data>Before the trial can conclude, Shepard’s warnings are proven true as earth is rocked by the advanced guard of the Reaper forces.

    <data>Chaos ensues as Shepard and Anderson attempt to rendezvous with the Normandy and escape the carnage.

    <data>Meanwhile, A/K and James find an alternate route and reach the Normandy ahead of them.

    <data>Anderson and Shepard enter an office where they find a single weapon. Anderson tells Shepard to pick it up, he's better off armed.

    Some random sad black humour about landing on Rannoch:
    <data>You know, my bunkmate would give his left hand for a picture of this place.

    <data>I know. Even our footprints here are historic.

    <data>That reminds me. Watch for mines.

    The Thessia Beacon had an entirely different purpose... Giving Javik's memory back. Also: Virmire situation REPEAT!
    <data>Shepard accesses the console. The ceiling in front of the Prothean artifact pats and a staircase erects its self toward the opening. Shepard heads up.
    Upon entering the cathedral the squad approaches the artifact. The Prothean shares some words with Shepard and activates the device. As the Prothean is lifted up into the air (as Shepard was on Eden Prime in ME1) A/K enters from the hidden entrance and confronts Shepard.
    The conversation is quickly interrupted by Kai Leng and a fight begins.

    <data>Kai Leng

    <data>As Kai Lengs defenses wear down he moves to draw Shepard away from the Prothean. Once sufficiently damaged Kai Leng jumps. In cut scene, Kai Leng lands in a safe position and detonates explosives he's rigged into the area (away from the artifact). In a bright flash Shepard and the squad are hit with the full brunt of the blast.

    <data>Shepard comes regains consiouness as the ringing in his ears fades and and the voices of A/K and Liara become dicernable. As he trys to collect himself it becomes apparent that the Prothean is gone, A/K and Liara are in serious trouble, and Shepard has been horribly wounded. A peice of rebar protrudes from Shepards back, he's bleeding badly, and cannot stand. Shepard crawls forward in gameplay to try to save his survivng squad members.

    <data>As Shepard Crawls along the ground the floor continues to collapse. It's quite obvious that by the time he gets to one of his henchmen, the other will have been overcome and killed. Shepard moves slowly painting the ground beneath him with a long bright trail of blood. His armor is damaged and cannot help him.

    If Shepard stops the ground falls out from under him and he dies. As he moves towards on henchmen, the others situation becomes more dire. During the last leg of his crawl the path to the furthest henchmen gives way, shortly after that character is killed. Once Shepard reaches the surving henchmen he uses the last of his strength to assist them and colapses.

    That last one would've actually been SO COOL to have in the game. Alas, it was not to be.

    Oh, and there's also a lot of tomfoolery test lines:


  15. Noelemahc

    Noelemahc Le Unfun Terrible

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    TIM didn't have one helper go-to guy. There's this guy named Armitage...
    <data>I knew we should've swarmed Shepard at the pass.

    <data>It's a good thing I'm not paying you all that money to second-guess me. Stall them.

    <data>Pleasure. You sorry egomaniac.

    <data>Armitage quickly turns and leaves, leaving the bodyguard to deal with Shepard.

    Who nobody likes.
    <data>Maybe we got lucky and Armitage lost most of his crew by landing in one of these big, boiling lakes when he crashed.

    <data>The universe owes me one, Shepard. Hell, it owes us both.

    <data>I missed your optimism, Garrus.

    Who Aria gives us info on.
    <data>If information doesn't interest you, I can put Omega's best mercs at your disposal. They're itching for a chance at Cerberus.

    <data>If you go, a word of advice: watch out for Armitage's bodyguard. The man's racked up an impressive deathtoll.

    <data>I'll contact you once the job's done.

    And his bodyguard is someone we know...
    <data>Oh good. Another happy reunion.

    <data>His speech matches the SR2 voiceprint archives.

    <data>Is that who we both think it is?

    <data>(The bodyguard flips up his helmet visor. It's Zaeed.)

    <data>(Shepard and Zaeed talk behind cover. Zaeed covertly directs Cerberus troops to flank Shepard.)

    <data>What can I say. Cerberus handed me an offer too good to refuse.

    <data>Mostly because they set the god damn galaxy on fire, but hell. You've got to respect the only game in town.

    <data>Ha. Like to see them try. You're right on one thing though, the Illusive Man's burning through his people like a madman.

    <data>I love it when an opponent gets cocky. Usually means a quick fight.

    <data>You wish. Might make me easier to kill if I were one of those zombies.

    <data>We're almost done. Keep Shepard back!

    <data>"One last job", Zaeed?

    <data>Cerberus either indoctrinates you, or turns you into cannon fodder. No exceptions.

    <data>More free will didn't save your Cerberus friends on my way here.

    <data>Selling out humanity? What'd they do Massani, stick you in a Reaper cargo hold?

    <data>I beat the Reapers once, Zaeed. I can do it again. You want to survive, help me take back earth.

    <data>We can win without Cerberus.

    <data>Save the speeches for the raw recruits. Things have changed since you had your Alliance fleet riding shotgun.

    <data>Nothing personal, Shepard. Cerberus just has the best plan to survive this bloody massacre with the Reapers. Along with the guts to see it out.

    <data>The Illusive man isn't your friend, Zaeed. You're sure you want to get killed for him?

    And when we catch Armitage, we play good cop/bad cop with Aria on him.
    <data>I want Armitage back. Capture the little snake and I'll share his intel.

    <data>We did. My raiders crippled Colonel Armitage's ship when he fled. I picked up his distress signal in the Caleston Rift.

    <data>First tell me how you're planning to handle this interrogation.

    <data>Don't concern yourself, it's just a mind-probe. An old commando trick. Quick and harmless.

    Last one for the night. Romanced Tali in ME2?
    <data> Listen... about us...

    <data>You haven't said anything. I know we've been apart for awhile. I couldn't come back, not while the fleet needed me...

    <data>EDI says that you're not seeing anyone seriously...

    <data>EDI says that you and Liara are back together...

    <data>EDI says that you and Liara have... grown close...

    <data>EDI says that you and Ashley may be back together again...

    <data>EDI says that you and Ashley may have... grown close...

    <data>EDI blew up the Collector vessel. She's okay with me, although giving her a body... but that's not the point!

    <data>I'm not here to cause drama, Shepard. I just need to know where we stand.

    <data>Keelah, Shepard! I'm not going to beg, but did you really think I just came up here to see your fish?

    <data>You discussed my dating life? With an AI?

    <data>I noticed you're not advertising our history to the admiralty board.

    <data>You came up here because I asked you up. You don't see me inviting Garrus, do you?

    <data>I didn't want Garrus here!

    <data>You came up here because I asked you up.

    <data>I wanted you here.

    <data>I want you here.

    <data>Hmm. I don't know. The three of us? That might be...

    Let me shorten that for ya so you can enjoy it, savour it, have nightmares about it.
    <data>Keelah, Shepard! I'm not going to beg, but did you really think I just came up here to see your fish?

    <data>You came up here because I asked you up. You don't see me inviting Garrus, do you?

    <data>I didn't want Garrus here!

    <data>Hmm. I don't know. The three of us? That might be...

    Aaaaaaand that's it for tonight, folks.
    Sweet dreams!
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  16. Celia

    Celia Supreme Member

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    I approve of more Zaeed, than the what 3 mins we spent in his presence, but possibly having to kill him would've made a very sad fangirl indeed.
    But at least it would've provided betrayal, which is something I expected in ME3.
  17. Kysi

    Kysi Supreme Member

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    Why....why would they cut these things out? Curse you BW/EA! Shame on you!

    *sigh*....now I'm sad and depressed, ...again. :cry:
  18. EndTimes

    EndTimes Ultra Member

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    It's odd but this stuff would have made the game much much better. Why was it cut!
  19. Turambar

    Turambar Elite Member

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    Thanks for the info Noel and again - boggles the mind as to why this stuff was cut. This was from the original leak that had the dark energy story line and Javik as the Catalyst right?

    Re betrayal Celia, I agree - and betrayal by someone other than the Illusive Man who was so obviously going to betray you that it really didn't count as a betrayal at all.
  20. Celia

    Celia Supreme Member

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    I can understand BW feeling defeated about the leaked script (in accordance with EA's wrath) but my god, thanks to Noel there is now no doubt in my mind that they just slapped ideas together and had/have the nerve to call it 'artistic integrity'. My hatred of them has just reached an all-new high.

    (But bravo Noel! (y) Honestly! You're our hero.)

    Yeah TIM doesn't count at all. I really thought somehow someway Aria's band of mercs woulda backfired in terms of loyalty...I also expected Shep would have to deal with deserters at some point, due to fact that no one but Shep's original crew have seen the sheer magnitude of a Reaper. More shoulda been done with ex-Cerebus too...I don't buy 'Oh TIM's crazy, we'll totally join you and work on your top secret project'..andddd no one's indoctrinated? Really? Shepard's aware of that possibility while onboard, but the min he/she exits the Normandy that suspicion disappears. Why? Because they're under attack and TIM would never attack his own people? Bullcrap! As long as his troops had orders not to kill the sleeper agent (Jacob woulda been ideal), it woulda been the perfect scheme!

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