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Questions I want to Remember for when the EC hits. + Ending Musings.

Blog entry posted by Fiannawolf, Apr 30, 2012.

Ok, thought about it more: What I need closure/expansion on:

Squadmates: What happened to them?

Love Interest: Did they get together after Reaper defeat? Or mourn Shep's death if no awakening from Dream/Indoc.

Fleet: What happened? Destruction or Starvation?

Normandy: Hackett was aboard so Joker fleeing doesnt make sense and Hackett wouldnt allow it.

Final Run: How is it they end up on the Normandy anyway? NO sense to this whatsoever. Esp since all of them were all over London at the time. Did Harb get lazy and let Joker swoop in and leave with Shep's team...

Leaving Shep to die: None of Sheps teammates would do this at all. Over the radio no one notices shep get up? Thus ending sequence must be a crazy dream. Why were NPCs in dress blue uniforms too, Makes no sense. No HUD and unlimited bullets, armor and gun different.

Everything after the Beam: Was it indoctrination? A dream cause shep got hurt? Prelude to real final battle vs Harby. Have Shep wake up so we can really finish the fight, its sad when Halo 2 ended better then this series plus that was a cliffhanger.

Relays: Tricked Shep into seeing thier destruction by Harby or can they be rebuilt by Allied teams/science.

Status of Universe: Other homeworlds rebuilt or destroyed by reapers if Shep fails, at this point we only have that thing at the end saying buy DLC. Thats the only indicatior we have of "Destroying the Reapers".

Citidel: Is everyone dead? Was it worthless to even do quests for these NPCs if theres no indication that our war assests saved or hindered them.

Anderson and TIM: Where are they really? After beam hit it doesnt make sense that they'd get ahead or behind Shep at any point cause it was a strait shot to that console. If that was really TIM then why didnt he try to activate it himself while holding Anderson hostage.

Why collect all those fleets when the outcome is nearly identical??? If you take this ending as is atm then Shep killed more people in the end and did the Reapers jobs for them. Way to make me feel heroic. Esp as a paragon Shep.

Plus here's some musings I had about how I wanted the ending to go.

What I want in my possible real endings: aka ENDGAME PART 2 or Why wasnt this in ME3 in the beginning.

Extreamly OMG your Fracked ending:

Like ME2's suicide mission, if you go in without enough resources, it will end badly. Show the results after attempted Indoc process on Shep. In the worst ending the Commander will most likely die ala ME2 to complete the mission. But show what happens to the universe and the races because you went in unprepared.

Show real varied endings. What happens if shep did get indoctrinated from Harbringer. Will s/he kill friends after they wake up? Destroy the only weapon/s against the Reapers, doom everyone ect. For those who want to see the trainwreak capablities of a doom and gloom outcome, they can have it. Hell you can even have "And I must Scream" Trope moment with shep as they realize they are slaughtering everyone while under Harbs control.

Middle-line ending:

Went in prepard but not enough to prevent Shepard from utimately dying in the end but before s/he goes out you see how they defeated the Reapers and a final conversation with Friends and LI before Shep goes to the "Bar". In this ending the last scenes can be of how each planet and major decisions of Shep helped shape the Galaxy. Even Fallout 1 did this with the Vault Dweller main PC and allowed for a good amount of closure.

"Earn your Happy/Bittersweet Ending"

Must be uber prepard to take back Earth and resist Reaper Indoc at Citidel Beam Sequence.

Shep survives, reunited with Team/LI, Anderson and everyone else. This version shows the results of decisions, not all would be alive but Shepard will say farewells for those they lost in a state/galatic funeral ceremony. BIGGEST THING: SHOW RESULTS OF PREVIOUS DECISIONS AND HOW IT ULTIMATELY PLAYS OUT!

In this endgame we could have flashback/memory sequences to other important events in Shep's life, Wedding? Premotions, other missions post Reaper if TIM Situation isnt resolved, or even during reaper war for extra stories so Devs can get any side missions in without keeping with this Half Ending we have atm. Hell the memory shard Javik gives you in London would be the perfect vehicle to relive different moments in your Sheps life that are important. For LI enthusiasts this could be replay of thier weddings? Kids? Fun moments with ME crewmates.

Just some of my thoughts. Heck my Warden and Alistar had a more memorable ending/wedding then my poor Sheps will at this point in time. So what If I want the chance for this.....My Sheps darned well earned it. Either way I as the player lost characters I cared about no matter how well prepard I was. That in reality is the bittersweet: No saving Legion, Mordin, or Ash/Kai. Thane goes out well enough and has a resolution compared to Shepard. At least we got to see the results of him stopping Leng....

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